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Inventor of Dianetics' "Rival" Abandons Claim; "Free Use" Given Public

In an airmail letter, telegraphed to us just a few hours after we'd gone to press, it was revealed that the inventor of

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Processing Cards Mailed

"Seven Steps to Better Living", a system of processing by the use of 254 cards, has been mailed to the several hundred who ordered the cards while they still were in the preparation stage, Joanna Walsh, of the Scientology Council, Los Angeles, announces.

There are only 13 copies left

If there still are 13 Scientologists who haven't bought their copies of "Notes on the Doctorate Course" at $7.50, they'd better rush. Otherwise, we'll have to let 13 of the world's 14 progressive psychiatrists (name one!) get their first look at real data.

"I ain't your thetan, Mister, and if I ever get within three feet of you, you're under arrest for speeding."

SCRUB OAKS -- a Novel by A. Hart

SCRUB OAKS has nothing to do with Dianetics or Scientology. It's the story of an editor who brought his errant bride from the big city to a small town in hopes that she would be tamed by the changed environment. Despite what Trah Nika says, we think it's a good story--well worth the time that reading it keeps you away from your television set.

Cloth bound and stamped in gold. Price $3.50 each.

Send check or money order to
ALPHIA HART, 207 North Washington, Enid, Okla.