Volume 6, Issue 7, page 15

makes the sellers of fake oil
and uranium stocks look like
pikers. These racketeers never
pay us fellows by check, but
only with $100 bills -- because
they don't want this kind of
money to show on their books.
They collect in CASH from
their suckers, and there is no
way of anybody finding out
their real incomes.'
"However, your editorial is
nonetheless extremely imbalanced, -since no reference appears at all to the tremendous
constructive powers that are
also released thru this phenomena of the mind so vaguely
and ineptly labeled as hypnosis. Analogies are tricky , but
let us try this one: 'Electricity' is a 1 abel for a
mighty phenomenon that excites
no serious degree of emotional
fear, because the applications
of electricity were developed
in peaceful, constructive
modes. But suppose that the
power of electricity had first
been secretly discovered and
used solely in deadly killerrays and other monstrosities
of war -- then there would have
been all sorts of delaying
emotional fears in applying it
usefully, helpfully. Electricity, like hypnosis, may be
used evilly or well. It can
electrocute -- and it can light
our cities. It can burn, and it
can be used to make industrial
diamonds. In an X-ray tube, it
can produce a fatal ailment --
or it can delineate the fractures Of a bone and enable
healing measures to be taken.
"I especially use electricity in making this analogy because the limitless powers of
the human mind that are being
employed every day 'in modes,
some of which , on the bad side ,
are labeled as hypnotic, are
really also manifestations of
this force 'electricity' as
applied to the creating of
sustained mental imaging or
picturising. Human civilization rests solely upon this
mental picturising power. It
would be a fine thing if someone could devise a new word
for the constructive modes of
this phenomena, other than the
unfortunate word, 'hypnosis'."