Volume 6, Issue 7, page 11

Christ Teaching

AN LIVES as a prisoner; the elements hold
him in bondage like prison bars denying
him freedom. This is difficult to realize
for man has seen nothing else; he has no
way to compare with a greater existence
and seemingly nothing but broken promises
to excite his interest in truly freeing himself. People in general have become so unconscious to their meaningless existence that unfulfilled desires, misery, pain, age, and death
no longer create an urge to escape. Still, to
the more awakened and alert, there is an inner
goad endeavoring to make them aware of their
imperfect s t ate -- an innate surging which
strives to awaken them into moving on the real
path of progress.
"Necessity is the mother of invention", and
^ore and more the pressure of some unseen
force is generating a necessity for a vital
change in man himself. A quiet, undisturbed
look into the future causes an expectancy for
something far different, something vitally new
and something infinitely better.

The previous lessons have linked the inventive processes used to discover outside laws
to a new method of discovery or releasing
hitherto inactive laws within the realm of
man's own life. Within the body, new chemical
actions immediately start functioning the minute man converts his mental energy into the
opposite direction. To learn anything important takes practice and development. To learn
anything contrary to an established habit is
slightly more difficult than when no habit has
been formed. The average mentality has been
habitual in erroneous expressions that must be
discontinued. The mind must be cleansed and
set in order. No one needs think that freedom
can be gained without practice and exact compliance with s ci en tific law. No mysterious
power of God will come suddenly and give us
the gift of liberty. We must earn our way out.

Looking back into the ancient teachings we
find that man was vying with two methods of
learning -- the Egyptian and the Mosaic. The Mosaic method was little understood and because
it did not bring immediate results, being of a
far greater order, it soon lost caste and was
obliterated by the more demonstrable Egyptian
system. Today, we use the Egyptian system of
training the mind in all our schools and centers of learning. We use the system of developing the memory; the copying mentally out of
books the Information that has been handed
down. This Egyptian mental system has been
perfected to a very high degree, but the higher Mosaic system only breaks out in unsystematized, crude, and spontaneous expressions.

Thomas Edison unconsciously used the Mosaic
system in discovering the law of electricity,
but he had no training in this little -known
system; in fact, he was totally unaware that
he was using any particular system. Inventors ,
too , unconsciously use the Mosaic system but
to a very limited degree of expression. Still,
we have the great part of what is taught in
books originating from the higher Mosaic law.

The whole difference in the two laws, or
systems, is this: The Egyptian law is one of
memorizing or bringing in from the outside the
information and impressing it upon the mind.
The Mosaic law is completely opposite; it is
the bringing forth of knowledge from inside.

Jesus , the Christ, taught the higher, the
redeeming law of Moses. He taught the law of
life -- the Father within the body. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and others
either had mental Gods -- such as Love, Honesty,
Courage, Charity -- which pertained to outside
personalities, or outright outside Gods.

We are born into the Egyptian law (born in
sin); we learn how to speak and read and write
with the Egyptian system . To gain -a balanced
degree of intelligence, to be able to think
and reason sensibly, is absolutely harmonious
with the Mosaic law; in other words, the Lord
(law) is with you in Egypt up to the place of
mental balance, but if you go beyond that and
do not pass-over into the Canaan action of the
Mosaic law, then in the terminology of Bible
allegory, you are a worshiper of false gods.

When we change over from the Egyptian system to the Mosaic, the action of the mind must
be changed. We leave the system of learning
from outside and recognize the source of really great knowledge as being from the inside.
This turns the mind around, or converts the
method of learning.

We start in the Mosaic law as a little child
or beginner, just the same as we started on
the Egyptian law, only to be a beginner on the
Mosaic law we must be grown up (balanced mentally) in the Egyptian law. (`I am the son of
man.") It can be easily seen what was truly
meant when Christ said,"Convert yourself back
as a little child." "Ye must be born again"
means the same thing -- change the method of
thought -- change the method of learning.

In the present day of so-called civilization, the primary system, the Egyptian law,
has reached the limit of its expression. We
have arrived at the end of its powers, finding
that it will go only so far, with the best results obtained falling far short of fulfilling
the destiny of man. Because we made the great
mistake in ancient times in not passing over
to the higher law, we were forced to reach the
end of the wrong mad to see its limitation.

By going far past the pass-over place (River Jordan), we have filled the mind with a
myriad of Egyptian expressions (mental developments) that unbalance or make the mind and
body abnormal . The average mentality has acquired a habit of expressing useless thoughts
and erroneous viewpoints that make it out of
harmony and frictional with the Mosaic-Christ
Law of intuition. The mind state of greatest
magnetic conductivity and true affinity has
been weakened by superfluous exercise of
thought. Consequently, we must go back to the
pass-over place; we must balance the mind into
a harmonious state where we can begin as a
child on the true system of scientific thought
application . This is not particularly hard to
do if the student will make a thoro housecleaning of all erroneous mental recognitions,
such as superstitions, beliefs, mental cult
sciences, creeds, recognition of death as a
necessity, r e cognition of disease states
caused by extended mental activity, interest
in mental goals of progress that are dead-end
roads, over recognition of personalities that
are off balance and unconscious of reality,
all of which is a functioning of the EgyptianAssyrian-Persian-Babylonian-Greek-R o man false
vibratory law degrees.
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