Volume 6, Issue 7, page 16

shielded persons need no
alarms. They know they are being contacted but without
shielding, may not have time
to properly counterbalance the
"Unfortunately, Fred, there
are people who like to plague
other people, and knowledge of
fundamentals of self-protection is always useful . The
only bad thing about shields
is to have them and get clobbered by your own mind radiations while assuming it is
from an outside source. Hence,
if you mock up shields, you
will tend to find some already
there, and have a chance to
re-evaluate." -- Infinite 20.
"We had the g a experience
of seeing and hearing Zoe
Nickerson recently. Two sessions of approx. 20 people
each were held at the country
estate of Isabelle Wesley in
Spencervill e , Md. we all enjoyed it very much. We would
like to hear more about her
and read about the material
that comes out during trance ."
-- Keziah, Arlington, Ya.
"In the October ABBRREE,
Mrs. H. M. Graham challenges
my earlier statement that
wave -mechanics would be more
satisfying than Subud because
'the intellect cannot g i v e
what Subud does'
"I concede that the two
ideas are not comparable on
the purely intellectual level.
However, modern science does
have a soothing aesthetic value. It is rather a good bit to
swallow to understand that
that which is 'observable must
have an integrable square' ,
which is the wave -mechanics
definition of a real entity.
At the same time, one cannot
'objectify' the entity in
question . To me, the orbitals' are symbols of God, as
much as the cross is to the
Christian, but without the
feelings of sin and rejection
that the churches implant. So
on an emotional level I claim
that physics is capable of
giving an experience of high
emotional satisfaction.
"As 1 understand Subud, one
goes to a latihan and surrenders himself to the mood of
the other members. This may be
necessary to some people. To
me, such a commitment to others would be highly repugnant.
The reason Is that it reduces
all concerned to the level of
the lowest toned. Mystical experience is composed of the
tangled threads of misemotion
and distortion and is not to
be taken on face value, if one
is wise. I do not believe that

'brotherhood' is possible with
most people at this stage of
evolution. Read the newspapers
for proof!
`But intellectually, Subud
and other such organizations
are a menace. The Russians
have challenged this nation to
compete economically. Engineering magazines are warning
industry will have to revise
its procedures to meet the
challenge. Whole industries
will have to convert if
Khrushchev's disarmament proposal s are accepted, causing a
period of profound economic
and psychological readjustment. We all need to be awake
to the issues of the time. Yet
wave mechanics is the most accurate way of viewing reality.
It gives exact calculable results. No pictorial way of
thinking does as well , yet
there is a cultural lag of a
full generation. Wave mechanics was completed in 1926 , 33
years ago. Yet it is never
mentioned except in *scholarly
tomes. The popular press ignores it, And the very people
who claim to be most adventurous -- the mystics and readers
of papers like The ABERRBS -- are
shocked like prudish Victorian
maids in the presence of a
dirty word. They retreat into
l atihans and righteously adjust the blindfold. The Russians have a rocket to the
moon. China calls America a
paper tiger. Both would like
to have America stay blindfolded while they prepare
slave labor camps for us.

It is not to be expected
that Ch ristian brotherhoods
can leap forward a full generation or more, but at least
they can stay out of the road
of those who ara trying to
meet the challenges which
threaten the very survival of
their freedom to b l i n dfol d
themselves. Naturally science
is hidebound and ingrown, because you have cut it off. Accept it and it will be more
friendly. -- Richard V. Lundberg, San Jose, Calif.
"(ED. N0TR -- When. Mrs. Crakes
INO VS wave sechanics and you,
Dick, EXPERIENCE Subud, your
exchange of words will have a
lot more weight. Even tho The
ABERREE is a scholarly tome"
(it says in fine print somewhere), why don't you, Dick,
enlighten readers on what wave
sechanics is -- and do it with
one-syllable words that even
un- towed readers can understand.)