Hubbard Reveals He's an 'Authority' On Plant Culture / Scientology Moves to England - Alpha Centauri Next?

Hubbard Reveals He's an 'Authority' On Plant Culture

AMERICAN Dianeticists and Scientologists , who have watched the intense horticultural experiments of "nuclear physicist;" Dr. L. Ron Hubbard "over the last 20 years", will be extremely interested in some startling claims he has made as a result of his continuing experiments on his estate near London, England.

According to GARDEN NEWS, published in London, the man who gave Dianetics to the world has been working with the aberrations of plants even longer than he has been recognized as an "authority" on the aberrations of man. Quoting GARDEN NEWS:

"Have you ever wondered if the street light outside your house has any effect on the plants which grow in your garden?

"We can tell you this: If that light is of the sodium type which gives an orange glow, the chances are that sweet peas will never flourish.

"And if the street is lit by mercury vapour (the purple light which seems to drain all colour from the faces, then it is quite likely that geranium plants will not bloom.

"These are facts emerging from experiments into the relationship between plant growth and various types of light which are being conducted at East Grinstead (Sussex) by an American nuclear scientist, Dr. Ron Hubbard.

"He tells us that sodium lights are disliked by all plants because of the 'cold' light they produce. These lamps bring out growing plants literally into a cold sweat which can be seen on the foliage.

"Mercury vapor is a different proposition. Most plants seem to respond to its light--geraniums excepted. (ED. NOTE--Our geraniums are an exception to the exception, however.)

"...The cause of mildew in greenhouses? none other than the widely recommended use of bottom heat by either electrical or waterpipe systems.

"In twenty years experimenting, I have proved that bottom heat is actually harmful,' Dr. Hubbard says. 'It is the probable cause of all damp diseases and fungus that attacks so many greenhouses in winter.

"The cure for mildew is simple and inexpensive. The doctor's prescription: Install an infra-red lamp in your glasshouse like a normal light. 'By this method I've discovered hos to check and prevent the spread of mildew: he proclaims.

"This is no idle theorising on Dr. Hubbard's part. At Saint Hill Manor Estate, near East Grinstead in Sussex, we saw enough evidence of his researches to support his assertion that current experiments he is conducting are 25 years in advance of today's methods and ideas.

"In his laboratories, Dr. Hubbard has developed some brand new ideas based on the relationship of artificial light to plant growth— One interesting point about this particular test of reactions to colours was that under a green light the soil dried out very quickly.

"The doctor's explanation is this: 'It seems that a green light has some molecular reaction on the water which dries it much quicker than other lights. This could have its o wn individual application-- drying out a house, to just give one example.'"

London office of GARDEN NEWS is 8, Breams Building, London, R. C. 4, Ragland.

(photo) Dr. Ron Hubbard--red head with a green thumb

Scientology Moves to England - - - Alpha Centauri Next?

In No. 3 of an advertising pamptiret called REALITY (price, $5 a year), announcement is made of a stock-selling deal in which the American corporation, Hubbard A ssociation of Scientologists , International, is being taken over by a British corporation, H.A.S.I., Ltd., with headquarters in England.

According to the "News Bulletin" in this pamphlet, ScientologIsts are urged to become 'Pounding Members in the full meaning of the word" by purchasing one or more snares or stock in the new corporation at £25 (or $75) each. Capitalization of HASI Ltd. is declared to be "only £250,000" (about $750,000).

L. Ron Hubbard, "governing director" of the replacing corporation, al ready h as settled himself on a large estate near London, and with the movement of Scientology headquarters to London, only time will tell whether the