Volume 6, Issue 7, page 13

part of the study is a"clean
sweep" of hundreds of previous
books and writings on the Tarot", which Max calls "mostly
poppycock". Motto of the new
organization will be "Let us
have fun while we learn" -- and
we don't mind if we do. Another new publication from Max's
office is the fifth in his
series of books, "Psychometric
Analysis", and it sounds as if
this might be fun, too. Like
walking on fire without getting burned, anyone can do it
-- if you know how...
1 Thank you's from the Librarian, Etc., for books to the
Lending Library from DJ. A.,i,
grloff. of Roseburg, Ore., and
pry Joseph Jeffers , Phoenix ...
1 Etlb Arentz objects to our
saying 1 ast month that hi s
main interest was "Book One
Dianetics", and sends us a
five-page letter listing other
things for which he has more
affinity than the one of which
we accused him. Rather than
print such a long rebuttal ,
we'll go to any length (that
takes up less space) to apologize. We'll even say Bob has
NO interest in Book One Dianetics, if he wants us to...
-- i The magazine "IS" ( 120
Kenmar Dr., Newark, Del.) has
had a face-lifting with Issue
No. 18: New title design , better paper, quality printing.
Next step, probably, will be a
monthly schedule and a subscription rate -- removing it
from the necessity of depending on contributions to defray
publication costs. Editor
George Nickerson hints at these
aims in an appeal for a doubled
subscription list between now
and January. we remember how
we felt, too, before we got
our first million readers. Now,
we'd settle for a 50 percent
increase, or only 500,000 new
readers, between now and January. Nineteen sixty-five, or
so, that is...
1 We first thought it was
Fidel Castro outlined in t h e
office door against the setting sun -- until he spoke and
we recognized the voice of jjQb
gpsa, late of Owego, N.Y., under the Scientological chin
spinach. Fresh from the latest
Washington tr aining course,
Bob revealed that he was on
his way to Tucson, Ariz., where
he would join forces with ygJl1gg Farnum in her Scientology
venture. We invited Bonnie and
Jones over for the even ng so that they, too, could
catch up on "the latest". In
the meantime there was a
hitch ; we didn't know Bob was
allergic to cats -- and since
Lucipuss, Bocce, and Teufel
Send your question direct to LOUIS. P.O.
Box 21. Morristown, Ariz. Enclose selfaddressed. stamped envelope for personal
reply in case there is not room for an
answer in the columns of The ABLflR .

DEAR LOUIS -- Some months ago
you wrote in the ABERRBE that
there was no such thine as a
spiritual diet; but you were
mistaken for an un-fi.red diet
aids in spiritual development.
-- R.J.R., Denver, Colo.

DEAR &J.& -- I do not fully
understand what an un-fired
diet is, but, I presume that
it is some sort of raw food
system. I still do not think
you can point your finger at
one phase of human experience and purpose this the alpha and omega. To me the
awakening or raising of consciousness comes about thru a
total program that encompasses
far more than what we place
within our gullet. Far too
many people get side-tracked
with a round-trip ticket to