Erasing the Implants of 'Black Hypnosis'


After Nine Years of Delving Into Cults and Ologies, Inventor Reveals Some of the Odd Things He's Discovered—and Draws a Conclusion

IT'S NOW about nine years since I entered the long-since-vanished Los Angeles Dianetic Foundation ; eight years since my invention of the basic model of the Electropsychometer; six years or so since Alphia Hart and I were made Fellows of Scientology at Phoenix, Ariz.; three years since my development of the personalized pre-sleep recording; about a year and a half since the successful conclusion of the Mary Jean case and the consequent Ph. D. and International Academy Fellowship awards.

I feel now perhaps somewhat aiS Magellan did when in a similar period of time he accomplished the circumnavigation of the globe. That is, I have seen m an y strange sights, heard many fantastic rumors of things to be experienced farther along the route. I have encountered the peyote eaters the marijuana smokers, the disgruntled sleep-alerners, the ruins of the dope-ridden Mayas, the "eternal " but conflicting "truths' of a dozen cults, the paralyzing immobilizations of the Indian holy men who squat in an immense apathetic population that is starving, dying for want of amino acids and proteins in the midst of ten million lumbering, fat-steaked "sacred" cows; the deadly powers and perils of voodoo rites; the delusions of one group of cultists that sinister entities are constantly lurking about looking for unwary human bodies to hop into ; the squalid, lice-infested denizens of Tibet the cat-voiced purrings of some lecherous black-whiskered swamis; the huge stone religious monstrosities of Egypt, the building of which impoverished and ruined the nation : the sex-dream travails of Sigmund Freud; the bologna of some of his disciples; the orgone-oollecting caskets of Wilhelm Reich, the latest daily revelations of Scientology.

And --more recently-- I have observed the medical indorsement, at long last of ethically -used hypnosis, the organized daily and highly successful hypno-treatments at the great Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore ; I have enjoyed the friendship of Leslie Lecron, one of the world's foremost teachers of ethical hypnosis, and I have steadily increased contacts with the work of scientific researchers into the electropsychical operation of the human mind.

I stand on results achieved with what is perhaps now, or which may eventually become, one of the-largest files of case histories in existence. Many of these outrival fiction. Here are four recent examples:

A transvestite-- a man who has a compulsion to wear female clothing-- thruout his prenatal area his mother intensely wished for and visualized the child being a girl, wearing pretty clothes.

A capable business man, in a severe emotional upset wherein he had become completely unable to form an opinion or take any action on any of his business affairs. Cause: a fanatically religious psychotic mother who persistently read to him, when he was a child, every available negative passage from the Bible, including such as "Judge not lest ye be judged" and "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the way thereof is death!" Via some complex emotional late-life situations , these specific items became hypnotically activated in his mind into a deadly literal interpretation, viz: "You cannot judge or form an opinion about anyone or anything", and "No matter what course of action you decide upon that seems 'right' to you, it will surely lead to your disastrous defeat or your death!"

Another: A man getting into a highly-difficult late-life situation which activated in him two powerful conflicting compulsions: One, to strip from himself everything he owns, including his clothing, an d give it away, and then to commit suicide; this, however, is simultaneously counterbalanced with an equally frantic desire NOT to do this. Cause: As a naughty three-year-old, his exasperated mother stripped off his clothes, and thrust him naked out into the icy cold of the back yard with these words: "You're no g0o d , I don't want you. I'm giving you back to God just the way I received you --naked!"

And, last week: A situation wherein a mother kept telling her son: "Your grandfather was a bum, your father was a bum-- and you're just like both of theta. You'll live and die a bum!" This child, now a grown well-to-do middle-aged man, walks about always with a wallet loaded with about $5,000 in hundred dollar bills, trying to convince himself he is no bum. He lives alone in a third-grade apartment in which there is no furniture but a couple of cheap chairs, a television, and in the middle of the living room a life-sized painted cloth and wooden effigy of a ragged tattered bum. Tho he has thousands, he still feels Like a bum; the effigy is an odd device that has to some degree served to absorb from him his "I 'm a bum" vibrations, as it were.

So, again, where do I stand now?

First of all , I subscribe about 100 percent to the deductions of Dr. Wm. Sargent, who in his book, "The Battle for the Mind", more clearly and convincingly than any other person, to date, discloses the strange fundamental basic psychical force, law, or phenomenon that underlies all successful religions, all prosperous cults--namely the intense and arbitrary predisposition of the human mind, when highly excited by emotion, to open itself to, and so far as possible to act upon suggestions being delivered into it by any accepted hypnotist. I mean, specifically, most successful priests, preachers, politicians, mili tary brainwashers, voodooists, yogaists, buddhists,