Volume 6, Issue 7, page 8

evangelists, con-men.

Since the dawn of mankind, a thousand expressions and systems of plundering emotional
control of human beings have been in use, causing wars, slaughters, amassments of vast fortunes, the construction of towering temples
and cathedrals -- all of which are destined, of
course, to crumble into forgotten dust -- or in
a few instances to remain for some longer time
as historical and infernal curiosities.

Only relatively recently , the tremendous
power of human psychical imaging, and of the
practicability of scientific methods via ethical hypno-suggestion, for the reconstruction
of an entire personality toward conditions of
health, happiness, and success, has begun to
shine in a clear, strong light over vast turbulent seas of deceit and confusion .

One of the major immediate chores is to
disperse the blind widespread fear of a mere
word, "hypnosis", by those who at the same
time eagerly embrace this same tremendous
power when it is cunningly mislabeled as some
doctrine of "eternal truth", of "Divine enlightenment", as buddhism, nirvanism, etc.
Some of these systems might be correctly labeled as methodologies of "black hypnosis" .

Productive sometimes of even more disastrous
effects, I am sorry to say, is the work of the
world's really master hypnotists -- PARENTS! The
inculcations and abuses of some stupid, ignorant, sick, semi-psychotic parents have destroyed outright millions of children and have
left other millions sick or psychically crippled for life. I have herein already presented
actual examples of this.

On the positive side, the scientific direction of the incomparable powers of the human
mind in phases of psychical imaging, when
aimed toward achieving health, love, happiness, success, might be called "White Hypnosis". A sharp distinction in fora, methodology, and purpose of application lust be eade
and always kept in mind.

The positive mental or psychical image is
always one of release, of healing, of dehypnotizations , of achievement. This is the essential factor : The creation of clear, strong
images in the mind -- and then a means for consistently sustaining these images. When psychical images are sustained for an adequate
length of time, they will be realized. It is
supremely unfortunate that both the evil and
the good direction of the powers of psychical
or mental imaging should be both indiscriminately indicated by the same word, "hypnosis".

Again I say: This power is at long last
receiving scientific direction and attention.
It is being extensively investigated with
supermodern electronic instrumentation. And
here I quote, from "The Living Brain", by W.
Walter, a researcher into encephalographology:
"Hypnosis shows none of the electrical features of natural sleep. Indeed, the more carefully we consider the subject's state, the
less it seems to resemble anything we know of
sleep Awareness is not lost but heightened...
In hypnosis we see how wide and deep is the
potential dominion of the brain over all other
organs and functions."
Yes, in that special state vaguely styled
"hypnosis", or "self-hypnosis", we see how
wide and deep is the dominion of the brain
over all other organs and functions. This is
the power that was at work in those cases I
have thumbnailed above.

An understanding of this psychical imaging
power of the mind, under conditions of intense
emotion, is the key that unlocks the door to
the secret dynamics of every religion, of
every cult, of every trickster and faker,
whether he uses the cm sans padre hum of the
East, or the "Keep looking at this dirty eraser I have in my hand, as I move it up , down,
right and left", etc., until the victim is
temporarily ( sometimes permanently) transformed into a dazed zombie.

Yes, in every cult, in every esoteric system , in even the blackest of "black hypnosis'',
there is always a possibility of extracting
and using a good item here and there. We, in
common with the clinic at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore , use one breathing from yoga ; we, in
mason with Dianetics, recognize and deal with
the reality of both physical and psychical injuries sometimes being inflicted in the prenatal period; in common, tho only very slightly, with Scientology, we recognize and deal,
in certain cases, with the effects of "past
lives", tho our interpretation is, in the main,
strictly scientific and on a genetic-inheritance basis.

Here isa `past lives" case: A frantic husband brought in his wife, a tall, beautiful ,
refined woman who was obsessed with one idea:
she wanted sex -- all the way -- morning, noon,
and night, preferably many times every night.
She had a perfectly non-traumatic childhood
background. But it developed, in no time at
all, that she was a great-granddaughter of
Brigham Young. Not illusively -- she was. And
again , a complex late-life situation, especially concerning menopause, had tremendously
reactivated her genetic pattern -- direct from
Brigham Young. Space must be taken here to
state concerning genetic factors: What specific genes one may be born with appears to be
the outcome of a vast lottery, a sort of game
of chance, as it were; hence, every person
develops expressions totally unlike those of
other persons deriving from the same ancestors.

And so, I stand now, upon the scientific
ascertainment of the causes of emotional
stress and nervous tension, of feelings of
inferiority and inadequacy, of some types of
physical pains and illnesses. Next, I stand
upon the scientific directing, and the further
perfecting, of a methodology for sustaining
the tremendous psychical imaging powers of the
mind -- always specifically and personally toward the achieving of relaxation , health,
love, wealth, and happiness.

Tacher of Mysticism Gives
hews oll Sleek-1,eiroiag
In this modern day and age, as we see the
average man and woman taking a more-active interest in activities of the mind, we are
brought face to face with the subject of sleeplearning, auto conditioning, and hypnotism .

First, let us consider the idea of hypnotism and where it fits into the expression of
one on the path to self-liberation. At this
point, we have no argument concerning the use
of hypnosis for the purpose of inducing anesthesia for professional purposes. I propose to
consider the area of individual interest in
hypnosis to explore the past by regression
(past life recall) and/ or to condition or
change the personality in some way.

First of all. in the average instance, the