Volume 7, Issue 1, page 9

Send your question direct to LOUIS. P.O.
Box 21, Morristown, Ariz. Enclose selfaddressed, stamped envelope for personal
reply in case there is not room for an
answer in the columns of The ABERREE.

DEAR LOUISóThanks for the
past help. Here is another of
my silly questions. The occult
books and magazines speak of
magnetism; how do you explain
such? -- H.L., Miami Beach, Fla.

DEAR FRIEND -- I consider no
honest, sincere question silly;
as a matter of fact, I think
this and your past questions
have shown growth and development in,your awareness. Actually magnetism is the Life
stream of lifeóit holds matter together, giving it form.
However, magnetism knows no
form. Magnetism is the difference between physical life or
DEAR LOUIS -- How do you SEE
the coming election turning
out? -- H.W., Danbury, Conn.

DEAR H.W. -- I hate to admit
it, but -- I do not even know
who is in the offing. But, as
I go into the Silence, I see a
fairly young person, he has
very interesting eyes, h a i r
that is wavy -- he is a Republican (since we are in a Republican cycle). Don't know if
you can match my Seeing with
those in the running. We ARE
talking about the presidential
election, aren't we?
DEAR LOUIS -- You always speak
with authority, and your words
seem to ring a bell with us.
You must be ancient to have so
much knowledge. -- C. H., San
Jose, Calif.

DEAR C. H . - -This is what I
call a loaded question, and
the implication is somewhat
ambiguous. So, I'll answer in
the same vein. According to my
way of thinking, every man is
an authority. In accordance
with my religious philosophy,
I am ancient - - al tho, the current house I occupy is still
somewhat shipshape. I possess
no knowledge; I only know how
to obtain such. My source is
limitless, but, I'm limited.

APRIL, 1960
No Test for Pie-and-Coffee E. S. P.

Back in his 'teens, when the Editor was dishwasher and
chili-maker in his home town's largest (and only) restaurant, customers used to maneuver hrm out of pie-and-coffee
by teaching him 'tricks"óand he often ended the week with
hardly enough from his $1 salary to pay his chits. One of
the cozenages he learned was to apparently read a deck of
cardsófrom the backsówithout a miss. Which should have
made him a sensation in pseudo-E.S.P. circles if so many
others hadn't already known the "secret". Now, there are
those who insist, at times, that he can't even tell what's
on a card when he looks at it from the front -- but bridge
partners often get unreasonably sarcastic when they've
over-bid their hands.

We understand there are persons who can do this "trick"
without any trickery; also, that these X-ray-eyed geniuses
didn't even have to buy their skill with pie-and-coffee,
but that it came naturallyótying the lie, we might say,
to the big falsehood that all men are created equal. Obviously, when some can do something without having to buy
pie-and-coffee to learn how, they have an unequal advantage over those not so psychically endowed.

But, getting back to this E.S.P. business, if there are
any readers who think they can reach out mentally over a
great distanceóand there must be from the number who get
furious over something they say we meant but didn't sayó
maybe they'd like to test the accuracy of that reaching.
"Louis', our mysticologist, who is one who didn't have
to buy pie-and-coffee to learn his "tricks" (which he insists aren't 'tricks"), has volunteered to conduct such a
test, and The ABERREE is co-operating because we want to
learn, for once and for all, whether we wasted that pieand-coffee money we should have been putting in the church
collection plate each Sunday. Maybe we'll swear off pieand-coffee for life if this test produces the scores "Louis" insists should be possible. Like 95 percent accurate,
or something just as reprehensible.

Anyhow, here are the rules: On the evening of May 1
(which is a Sunday), "Louis" will arrange on a table five
objects, common enough to be known by all. In addition,
somewhere on that table will be placed three cards, each
of a different color, and finally one playing card, FACE
UP. How many do you think you can "guess" correctly? Can
you spot them in their spatial relationship to each other?
Or are we asking too much?
At exactly 7 P.M., Mountain Standard Time, 'Louis" will
sit down and concentrate on these objects ó 'sending" out
to all you receivers the data you're supposed to feed back
to him. Results will be published in The ABERREE, of
course, but if you want a personal report, send along a
stamped, self-addressed envelope when you tell him what
you "saw" on the table, and he'll return your score.

Remember, May 1ó 7 P.M. No rewards, but if there are
some 100 percenters, ana if they can teach us how they do
it, and will, we'll happily buy them pie (cherry)óandcoffee. Here in Enid, of course.

DEAR LOUIS -- I am a fairly
agreeable person. I have to be
since I'm a private secretary ;
however, there are a few people
I just can't stand...and actually, I have no reason to dislike them...Is there an occult
reason behind this ? -- J . H.,
Washington, D.C.

DEAR J. H. -- Everyone has
preferences, in all sorts of
things, and this helps make
this "Three- ring circus"
called Life more interesting.
What you are touching upon does
have metaphysical and occult
overtones. You will find such
vibrational affinity (at least
Louis calls it that) and it
boils down to this: Each person, place, and thing emancipates a vibrational pattern,
which is indicative to that
which you areóthe total you,
past, present, and future --
everything you are, ever was,
or will be. Sometimes two vibrational patterns collide,
andódespite your efforts to
be pleasant -- it is almost impossible. As you travel life's
path you are bound to have
collisions. My advice is to
stay clear of such if you can,
and -- if you can'tówell, let
the fur fly. After all, what
would a circus be without a
wile-west show?