Volume 6, Issue 1, page 12

Spring is busting out all
over. But we're not going to
wax eloquent about it. What
if the tulips are probing the
chill winds with their swordlike spires, and the elms are
getting pregnant bulges up and
down their bare limbs -- it's a
lot more comfortable here beside a warm tire than it is
out pampering a few plants
that can't tell a bit of sunshine from a vernal equinox.
Soon enough, we'll have to go
into the garden with spade and
rake and hoe, and the cherries
will be crying to be picked
and the green carpet under our
feet will need barbering and
Lucipuss will go into her semiannual labor almost before
we've forgotten how we managed
to rid ourselves of her last
batch of kittens. All in all,
it hasn't been a bad winter,
as winters go . And aren't we
glad they do -- go, that is. But
these warm days do remind us
of one thing -- we' d better
start thinking up a cover for
the annual Christmas edition
of The ABERREE pretty soon...

To Norman and Isobej Fritz
of Del Mar, Calif., our congratulations on the. birth of a
daughter, Scharla Renee, on
Friday, February 13. All seem
doing well, even "Papa", who
writes glowingly of how nice
looking the baby is, how she
seldom cries, and -- well, you
know how fathers disobey the
Dianetic rule of don't evaluate. However, Norman has found
time to investigate some of
the late dope and dopes from
Washington, and says he can't
see that there's much "exceeding new" to report. But right
now, it would take more than
Scientology to siphon away any
of his current excitement...
1 Donors to the Lending Library during the last month
include Alois Hufnagel of Chicago, and Jem Zuta of New York
city. Gra uuala ly, our variety
of "answers" grows to fit the
most fastidious of tastes...