Volume 6, Issue 1, page 7

Chapter VII
HIS "CHAPTER" consists
of the letter mentioned in the March
installment , by an
auditor who was writing about the importance of
following Hubbard's advice to
use only the lightest possible
technique that will get the
job done :
"Occasionally someone asks
what technique should be used
on a given case. Recommended
is: The lightest possible Hubbardian technique that will
get the job done.
"Most auditing is mere sniping at somatics. Call it what
you will, the cash-paying preclear wants something fixed, or
so he says. Of course, really
getting well is the last thing
he wants, but that's not consciously known at the beginning.
"So, let's not kid ourselves; we're a
bunch of snipers hunting an elusive quarry. Certain to meet opposition at all
critical points.
"Therefore, use nothing heavier than
`straight wire' on the locks that relate
to the pre-clear's 'condition', be it
ulcers, broken legs, migraine, etc. Just
run `straight wire' until the 'past life'
fantasy appears. Then, whether you accept
past lives as `real', or `demon circuits' ,
you run them and their emotional packages
exactly in the way they came up until the
circuit breaks and you locate the engram
it's locked upon. This will expose a violence of emotion directly connected with
the failure that produced the engram or
relates to it to create the sympathy exciter.
"If the auditor isn't run off at this
stage by the pre-clear blowing off the
emotional charge, you can pass up running
the engram because 'straight wire' provides an automatic return to the incident ,
which is thereupon duplicated perfectly
when the repressed emotion spills out.
Just as Hubbard said: 'Make a perfect duplicate and the original disappears'.
This not only reduces the energy-charged
engram and lock chain to the basic subnuclear particles, it eliminates the emotional need to be sick that 'explained'
the failure. The pre-clear discovers he
can live without the excuse, can face up
to the failure, can make a new postulate
about it and 'forget it'.
"There is a time paradox at
work here and that's the reason that magic cures and miracle pills don't work -- the second event is used to justify
the first event. Stove up with
arthritis? 'Don't blame me for
-- (whatever happened 10 to a
million years ago)', says the
creaking pre-clear, `because
I've got arthritis'.
"Until the pent-up emotional
charge has been drained off by
'return' and 'reliving' the
occurrence, the actual physical package of the engram remains in force. You may key it
out of present time with
sleight-of-hand mental gymnastics; you may knock it out
with post-hypnotic suggestions,
'cure' it with chemical shots
or pills, but you have only
taken the crutches away from a
person not yet ready to stand
alone; stolen the only thing that excuses
his failure and permits him to live with
himself. You haven't really touched, nor
relieved, the bitter, hungering, subconscious, hidden need within that the illness has been supporting. Panic turns on
and the person becomes miserable. However,
at the key-out level just mentioned, anything seems to work, even on that 'Fac.
One' restimulation we call migraine.
They get well fast, walk on air for a
while, then find their crutch is missing
and take a nose-dive; often, literally