Volume 6, Issue 1, page 8

self-contained, but 'grounds out' with
violence, noise, and emotion. Hubbard
called such emotion 'the glue that sticks
engrams together', and such 'glue' is
proving to be one of the most solid and
most enduring objects in the universe.
But Hubbard also said that if you can
make a perfect duplicate the original
will disappear, and this is a fact. Given
an auditor who won't dive out the window
at the first attack, and a pre-clear who
can 'bust' open a terror charge to 'duplicate' it perfectly by full 'return',
and the stuff simply dissipates, leaving
no more need for the sickness that explained the repressed emotion -- hence no
more somatic in restimulation. Not keyed
out -- but gone. The change resulting from
perfect duplication is permanent, and you
don't have to supply the pre-clear with
hocuspocus to fill the gap. He has plenty
of useful mockups to carry on with.
"We also have 'Scientology' which has
produced the best auditing 'techniques'
yet, and this has given us a fine and
useful background of data for better understanding of responsibility. On some
cases, it's very potent. However, the
weakness of exteriorization is that the
emotional hunger for abuse, misunderstanding, neglect, cuckoldry, illness, injury,
aches, pains, poverty, whatever -- this
emotional Pandora's box of horror, called
the 'engram bank' -- is as much the property of the exteriorized being as anything
else, and it goes 'out', too. Therefore,
the essential thing is IF (and it's a big
IF) the pre-clear can exteriorize and
take real personal responsibility for it.
Most. don't. They anoint Hubbard or an
auditor as their responsibility and simply
patty-cake. 'Go here. Go there. Be this.
Be that.' No emotion, of course -- it's the
auditor's responsibility. They are saying,
'You can't blame me. I'm just doing as
I'm told.'
"Of course, you get rid of somatics
that way. You get pole-climbing exhibitions that dazzle. But it's a waste of
time. You cannot break down the shield
that justifies failure while the emotional need to excuse failure is still intact,
a slow-burning plutonium pile pelleting
deadly radiation in all directions. Persons with such repressed emotions pent up
within themselves can't live without the
shield, and techniques that leave it intact are mere joke-games no matter how
glibly they can be validated.
"On the other hand, with one of these
rare pre-clears who can both exteriorize
and not reject his own responsibility,
you're at the same threshold as before --
faced with the same static charges blasting all over the place, and few auditors
have enough gall to ride out the counteremotion aimed at the auditor as the handiest substitute for the thing hated,
feared, and repressed, and now being destroyed. And few have the patience to
coax, help, lead, trick, or force the
THIS IS OUR VI YEAR. Which doesn't mean weplan to be Vitriolic, or
Vinegary in our outlook, or
Vituperative even toward those
Vitiating us with their
Villainy. With
Vigor, we continue our eternal
Vigil for routes to
Victory over those
Viceroys of
Viewpoints, selling
Visions and astral
Vindicating their
Violations with a hunger for
Vintage and fine
Viands. To whom this
Violates their
Visa of
Virtue, we deVivify our

Signed, The VI rescent
pre-clear into the terror charge ahead of
any demon circuit, or ally computation.
Oh, sure, you can run THE ALLY, call him
by name, do this, do that. But leave that
terror intact, and you've just been juggling a mirror image without substance.
"This demonstrates the financial advantage of the 25-hour intensive for a
professional auditor. By being careful
not to let things get out of hand, he can
use any technique to key-out chronic somatics, and get a temporary change that
looks good. However, to unstick the
'glue', the lightest technique is the
best one, and we must use what the preclear can handle. A good rule of thumb is
to never use a technique heavy enough for
any pre-clear to spin the auditor with.
"Finally, no auditor should audit anyone unless it's a foregone conclusion that
they will still be friends after one of
those sessions where you wreck all the
furniture in the house trying to get past
the terror and anger of a real secondary
engram wherein father laughed when the
son was injured showing off, or the wife
laughed when he came home and found her
in bed -- and not alone.
"That kind of 'duplication' you don't
do in groups staring yourself into idiocy
at some trivial piece of junk on a table,
trying to create a duplicate."
(ED. NOTE -- Next month, we are interruptin
this series to defend the auditor who doesn't
always audit under Book One regulations. Maybe
he has a reason for having his pre-clear "stare
himself into idiocy at some trivial piece of
junk on a table", or whatever technique he
ma be currently using. Bob will be back the
following month, we hope, and we apologize for
the seeming digression.)