Volume 6, Issue 1, page 11


N EARLIER lessons, it was explained
that the word "creation" applies to
the field of consciousness, and is the
minor expression of the second pole,
or manifestation. The words "realness"
and "reality" have been bandied around very
promiscuously, but really, we do not know, as
yet, what reality is or what a state we would
be in if we were "real ".

Our great concern now is creative action --
the understanding, the Divine understanding --
because this must be expressed first, before
any change of a complete nature can take place
in substance. Of course, we only get a little
of this as we move forward, but a foundation
laid in this realm gives one a different security, a more sound reason for living. In
this creative venture we are comparing its
similarity to the movements made by an inventor. The inventor must first create or develop
a knowledge before it is placed in a machine
and the benefit of the "body " is gained. The
action, or the knowledge functioning as a law,
in the machine, produces the actual positive

In dealing with the highest expression of
life and form here, the human kingdom, we can
see very easily that it is "created" and "manifested ". To produce a greater world and law
of life than this one demands a building up
and passing thru a minor field of.effect, or
Creation. This creating or developing of a new
consciousness will necessitate a corresponding
change in the physical body. Cells of a type
and substance relative to the new law must
come into activity.

The Bible is the most scientific book in
print -- if understood. The Bible deals with the
CREATIVE FIELD and covers the physical changes
in the body that must take place. It terms
these new cells or body substance "Seed of
God", "Incorruptible Seed", "Precious Seed".
"Holy Seed".

The medical scientists tell us that any new
thought, idea, or opinion will cause a cell
change in the body ; cells come into action as
a result of the first cause. This is cause and
effect. A thought may either be true or untrue
to a law of action. A thought true to a low
system of action is false or contrary to a
high law of action. (In our analysis, we do
not deal with superstitions and belief states,
for they conform to no particular law of acflan, whether high or low.)
The electrical engineer has a practical
knowledge of the law and system upon which
electricity functions. His ideas conform to
the way this law acts; his thoughts or knowledge have a foundation in the true action of
this law. His thoughts are relative and supported by the action of his law. Erroneous
ideas and thoughts applied to a law are not
relative: they will have no support in "law
activity" and mil stand merely by the "force
energy" of the mind. The mind, being a servant, must comply with law action. The servant, standing alone, trying to rule, causes
chaos. The history of belief proves this
most conclusively.

Today, this is man's great trouble -- 'the
reason for his being blind. Instead of knowledge ,he has a mass of superstitions and beliefs. These are not true to any law of action
and consequently are retained only by the continuous injection of mind force energy. Man
must cleanse his mind and get back to a practical basis of thought.

Every basic law has its own system of action. The principles of one system are distinctly different from those of other basic
systems. We can increase upon a system, but
the basic principles are always retained; it
is the same system. To get a new system we
must have new principles. (Comparison: We have
a system of producing light with a candle; we
use tallow and a wick; the oil in the tallow
burns and we have a certain expression of
light. Now, with electricity we have a higher
light producing system. The principles of this
law are distinctly different -- not in any way
being an increase upon the tallow and wick of
the lower system.)
What is true of one system of action is
false to another. A principle of action such
as the tallow of the candle is absolutely false
to the law of electricity.

Like the system of the candle, man's mental-physical body, or world, has certain principles of action. We cannot advance upon these
principles and get a higher system that that
of the mind, any more than we can advance upon
the principle of the candle and get electricity. The Hindu sage and mystic is the greatest
mental scientist -- he has advanced the mind law
up to the highest expressive degree -- but still
he is IN the mind law and knows nothing of
higher law.

In a thousand ways, man has advanced upon
the mind law, thinking he was going to Heaven.
This is no less absurd than trying to produce
electricity by increasing the candle tallow.

Mental thoughts relative to mental laws
produce relative physical cells. The man who
knows the law of electricity has different
cells in action than one lacking this dnderstanding. Doctors, lawyers, geometricians have
cells in action relative to their respective
educations. All mental states of thought and
knowledge have water cells as the effect -- the
physical second pole.

In the mind law system of man, man's physical body contains billions of cell seeds. These
mind law seeds are relative to mind law knowledge and actions. If a person learns a certain
mind expression of action, the seeds relative
to this law grow into cells. Any law of action
that man produces outside the body must first
be in the mental-physical action within the
body. A man may bring into action a new expression of mind that was not expressed before
but this expression is part of the mind law
and is limited by the mind law field of energies.

The law of electricity outside the body is
very relative to the action of nervous energy
within the body. Our bodies are magnetic and

Thomas Edison merely made a passover into a
lower field of expression. A law acting within
himself -- in the human kingdom -- was the source
of his knowledge. Edison developed additional
cells which expressed the understanding of how
to apply the law of this inner action to the
elemental field. These cells that Edison developed were first in a seed state but he
brought them into a cell state. The grown cell
carries the actual knowledge.
(To be continued in the next issue)
APRIL, 1959 The ABERREE 11