Volume 6, Issue 1, page 14

achieving that, but unless I
have that end-purpose in view.
I'll lay my bottom dollar that
sooner or later, by the power
of my own less-than-perfect
thought, this body will pass
away. In other words, unless
we eliminate al 1 imperfect
thoughts and feelings from our
mind, our eventual demise is
inevitable. If we do, even hydrogen bombs couldn't kill us
because we would have no affinity for them." -- Russell F.
Jones, Ramona, Calif.
"As a new 4 subscriber to
your magazine, I wish to make
a few comments. Some of your
contributors seem to have the
mistaken idea that life is only
a game to be played according
to certain rules, set up by
and for themselves, most likely, and that our Earth is but
3 playing field.
"This is just another one
of those fallacies people use
for an excuse or an escape
from true progress. Life is not
to be considered as play or a
joke. Life is, and always will
be, serious business. Life is
meant for progress, and it is
about time people began torealize this fact before they are
forced into this realization.
"The articles written by
Rev. Wayne Trubshaw are extremely interesting and intelligent and seem to make the
rest of your contributors look
like a bunch of kids in comparison. I do hope you will
continue to print his teachings for a long time. He has
that vital knowledge for which
we all are searching.
"Man has the power within
himself to unlock a great
world, a perfect world. He has
the power to increase his life
a million fold over what he
now has, if he just would apply
himself to the inner recognition. Man can change this
world into an entirely new and
far higher world, a world so
high in energy, in power, in
light that it would far surpass
his wildest imagination. This
is what we want. Nothing short
of this goal will ever satisfy
the true searcher." -- Arnold P.
Richards, Lake Stevens, Wash.

Course). I feel that as an auditor I've reached a new high
in ability and I've made extremely good gains with my P-C
(pre-clear -- a Dianetic term
equivalent to 'patient').
"I have heard that no theta
clears (defined as in total
control of the bank) were achieved on the course but I know
a lot of people got a reality

on there being further to go
and on being able to get there
in a reasonable length of time.
"Ron requested that details
of the techniques of the 21st
not be widely disseminated as
they were too potent for untrained or unsupervised auditors to handle.
"I can tell you that engram
running has been simplified
and that certain pre-engram
processes were developed and
thoroly tested. Overt acts are
back and several straight wire
processes run them. Muzzled
auditing is the order of the
day for student auditors and
many others." -- Bob Ross, Washington, D. C.

"Glad to see that you published Mr. Bennett's letter on
Subud -- and he told me he was
gratified to see it printed in
entirety, as this so seldom
"Here in New York we have
been very interested to meet
the Bennetts and hear his talks
and question period, and to
see how quickly the Subud
group is growing... We are looking forward very much to Pak
Subuh's visit to us in April.
"Glad also to see Vic. Torrey's letter explaining how
Subud is different, and that
nothing anyone can say about
it has an absolute meaning,
since the Subud experience is
truly pre-verbal. For many it
even begins as pre-conscious,
that is, it takes several weeks
to become aware of the 'inner
working' which goes on even
beyond our awareness. However,
it is interesting to notice
that in our group here, most
'felt things' definitely within a few weeks...It is wonderful to have a method completely independent of the mind and
emotions so that no matter
what our passing moods or theories are, we can continue to
benefit in spite of ourselves!
One does not even need to believe -- just attend the latihans regularly... The blocks
and 'engrains' have to be removed -- but rather than being
chipped at by verbal 'runs',
they are melted away from inside by our deeper force. This
is entirely different, as Mr.
Bennett notes, from any other
meditation methods, yoga, or
even E-therapy. One's conscious
self has nothing to do with
this Subud process; it is as
if one is enabled to by-pass
the temporal personality completely and throw a switch deep
inside which starts a powerful
current going, flowing from
inside to out, and cleansing
all the way...
"Subud is pronounced soobood. " -- Jeanne Bag by, Ne+v) York.

"There is a thought-provoking statement in a letter from
Paul O'Neill in the March ABERREE. He says 'The assumption
that Zen (Buddhism) is a basic
source of Scientology will appear valid to any reader of
(Benoit's) book who is familiar with Hubbard's later work.'
"Perhaps, as I haven't seen
Benoit's book. But I do have
some knowledge of Zen. And I
can see little or no basis for
"What are some of the facts
about Zen?
"Zen is considered by those
most familiar with Buddhism to
be nearest to the original
spirit of that great religion
surviving to the present day
of the many diverse streams
springing from the great
source. Zen is part of the Mahayana, as developed in China.
The word means 'meditation'.
Its approach became systematized and to some extent mechanized by extensive use of
riddles and answers, which when
thought about lead to sudden
flashes of insight.
"Its simplicity, practicalness, and heroism appealed to
the Japanese military caste...
Traditional aspects of religion are viewed with hostility.
Images and scriptures are held
up to contempt, conventions
are derided by deliberate eccentricities. It tried to gain
knowledge by direct experience. In monasteries the Scrip"FOR SING BY MAN CAME
-- Isaiah
"Since by the medical
profession came the propaganda and contagion of
fear, 40,000,000 AMERICANS
Also, by man comes the
prevention and the cure of
all the diseases in the
Doctor 's Books.

For anew lease on life ,
read the book that nullifies every supposed cause
of disease, old age, and


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