Volume 6, Issue 1, page 16

ep"Am I a leper, an Ishmaelite, a pariah something low
and loathsome, an untouchable?
"Anyone would think so.
"I am one of several thousand in U.S.A. who work practically to produce s a tori ....
awakening, realization -- which
is life itself!
"In practice we meet friends
and the job is done.
"Yet I must read all this
flood of stuff in books, in
The ABERREE and elsewhere, and
realize it is useless for the
job at hand. Nevertheless when
I write of the techniques and
procedures of this higher therapy (as we might call it, NOBODY can go above a polite
yawn as they toss the copy or
letter in the wastebasket.
"A magnificent gesture!
Lighting one's pipe or cigaret
with a $100,000 bill.
"But grim , too .
"I have spent a considerable fraction of the above sum
in advancing this matter. I
give all my time, I accept
nothing whatever -- not needing
money or gifts.
"Yet only 1/20 of 1% are
good soil. Why is this, Mr. A.
and 0 . Hart ?
"Who will break the log jam
and get out the big type reserved for 'The Second Coming'?
"Not you, of course. Oh,
no !
"Let me have my say in a
practical article." -- Alfred
Pulyan, So. Kent, Conn.
(ED. NOTE -- The ABERREE has
no"big type" reserved for the
"second coming". If what we
have isn't big enough, we hope
" the second comer" brings His
own .As for having your "say
in a practical article", we'll
use almost anything -- practical
or not -- that sounds sincere. )
"I have read with excepptional interest the article
titled REASON which appears to
be condensed from a work by
Dr. James Clark titled 'Eternal Time'. I want a copy of

that book in my library. Please
tell me where I can get a copy
and the price of it.
"And I want to congratulate
A.H. for his excellent review
of the work of Niram A. Cromwell on p. 3 of March issue of
your publication. I quote:
'Forever is a long time, and
we can hardly relish the prospect of bathing, shaving, and
trimming toenails on one body
for countless b i 1 1 ions of
"And in this connection, I
am also reading with great interest the installments by
Rev. Jacob Kristy titled The
Swingle (sic) of Mytholicism.
"All in all, you issue a
dandy publication." -- George R.
Clements, Sebring, Fla.
"Thank you very much for an
outstandingly intelligent,
fair, and engaging review of
my SANITY. UNHEARD OF. I almost like the review better
than the book, which is saying
a good deal .
"The only point I would not
quite agree with you is your:
'And what can we do about it?
Not much of anything.' This is
of course abundantly true for
most people, for average people; but surely your readers
are not average; and anyone
with boldness, audacity, and
an ounce of true courage can
do a good deal.
"It is a real pleasure to
me, and strangely reassuring,
merely to discover the existence of the ABERREE and the
spirit behind it. I enclose
two dollars in cash for a subscription . (ED. NOTE