Volume 6, Issue 1, page 3

Educated Tramp Travels Around World as Leader of the Thought Speakers-,
Setting Up Teachers, Guardians, and Contacting Uninitiated Seekers
U99 ET
HERE ARE many "worlds" people
live in on the physical plane,
just as there are on the spirit
planes. How utterly different,
for instance, is the seaman's
world compared to that of the landlubber,
or the miner and the prospector.

Of strange worlds I've been in or seen
dimly without sharing is that of the telepath. But thru an odd -- did I say "odd"?
-- set of circumstances, I suddenly found
myself involved in one facet of this type
of existence, which, up until last Christmas, I had considered science-fiction.

I live in Los Angeles, and three days
before Christmas, I decided to spend the
holidays with my brother on our war-surplus subchaser at a San Francisco pier,
450 miles away. I started the drive at 7
a.m., hoping to make it by evening, but I
had not decided which route to take