Volume 6, Issue 1, page 15

tares are kept in the lavatory.
"Zen is hostile to metaphysical speculation, adverse
to theory, and intent on abolishing elaborate reasoning.
The truth is stated as concretely as possible. Salvation
is found in every-day things.
Zen masters burn sacred objects, kill cats, hit students
with a club, shout. Sudden enlightenment is the goal. One
cannot do anything at all to
become enlightened. It happens.
"Why then does this uncouth, earthy, unreasonable
discipline have such appeal to
the orient and to many intellectual Americans (myself for
"My own answer is in part,
'How from a net of words, how
surely truth slips out'. I am
tired of metaphysical speculation, and the ideological confusions of our time. Zen is a
device that enables me to say
that the game isn't worth the
candle. The A.M.A. and the hydrogen bomb are no concern of
mine because all things are
empty and none eternal... Life
is to be lived to the full.
The body is the means of that
living. Having passed t h e
bounds of logic, I can say at
one breath and with equal conviction the opposed statements,
'The body is the highest product of four billion years of
evolution' and 'From the beginning nothing ever was'. And
I do not have to choose, to
defend, or to rationalize.
Both statements are true...
"Chinese Buddhism is not
Indian Buddhism, and is not
the beatnik version found in
San Francisco. As general semantics stresses that words
are not things and ideas with
similar names are not the same,
so we must understand that
different things with different names, like 'Len' and 'Scientology', are not the same,
any more than 'Dianetics' is
'hypnotism' or 'psychoanalysis'. People who think so
have scrambled the situation
beyond repair...
"Zen places the student in a
situation where he cannot evade
or kid himself, and his only
salvation is to see himself as
he. really is. Excellent therapy but very rough, and not to
be recommended for Scientologists...What Scientologist has
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"Specific location of engrain
necessary to resolve any case
APRIL, 1959
ever learned such self-discipline? The Zen experience comes
from within and is unmistakeable not only to the receiver
but others. No diploma is
needed or desired, and it can
not be bought for any amount
of money." -- Richard Lundberg,
San Jose, Calif.
"The clarity with which you
reviewed my book convinces me
some title should grace your
intellectual capacities. For
you put your finger on the imperative points in the book...
"As you say, 'Forever' is a
long time. Of course, not being seriously interested in
the long-term future, I have
no ideas or data on a higher
state of living. If I can help
make this earth a fit place to
live, and this life worthwhile, I shall be ready and
content to grow into whatever
the future contains. But I do
want to knock the hell out of
theology 's heaven, and let all
the preachers go to their
special hells. " -- liras; A.
Cromwell, El Monte, Calif.
"We have had a visit of Pak
Subuh to Japan, and I had occasion to stay with him in the
hotel. I can now report in reply to Mr.Saywell's remarks in
the December ABERREE that Pak
Subuh is no chain smoker.
"Admittedly he smokes a
cigar or cigaret occasionally,
but the implication of that
escapes me. I also visited Pak
Subuh in Indonesia in 1955 and
did not find a chain smoker
either. What I found, however,
cannot be expressed on an intellectual level, and I must
apologize for this disappointment to many of your readers,
who are still under the impression that the world maybe
changed by fresh manipulations
of the intellect.
"It may come as a surprise
to many that the spirit can
also manifest itself thru a
man wearing glasses (occasionally). People who ARE do not
seek to refine the outer garment they are endowed with.
"If any of your readers
should like to have the power
of Subud proven to themselves
thru-correspondence with persons who can hardly find time
for their daily activities and
who travel constantly, they
will be sure in for some bitter disappointments.
"Pak Subuh's visit to this
country has created great interest in Subud. Respect was
paid to Pak Subuh by several
religious leaders, few of which
had received remarkable forebodings of his visit before
they even knew of Subud. But I
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