Volume 6, Issue 1, page 5

You Can Erase the Words from a Tape Recording Word by Word, Just asYou Can Handle Reactive Memories One by One -- But Why Dawdle?


THE AVERAGE mortal is a sleeping
God. Within man is the perfect
life, waiting to be recognized.
As this life is made manifest,
we appear to see evolution in
the outer world, but the initiated know
that it is but the fulfillment of that

Spirituality is not "attained" or
"merited" or "gained" thru action. Spirituality means the expression of spiritual
power and this does not depend upon what
mortal man does, or does not do.

As life expression comes into its own,
it takes many forms in this organic world ;
and as the life requires more refined instruments of expression, we see the higher
life forms, and we call it evolution. It
is a paradox that the higher the life
form, the more complex it becomes, Also,
the higher or more complex the life form,
or physical body, the more automatic it
becomes in function. T h r u evolutionary
necessity, organisms lean more and more on
the subconscious mind, which takes care
of all involuntary functions. The subconscious never forgets, never sleeps,
and takes all impressions as literally
true. While the creation of the subconscious mind was necessary for the freeing
of life energies into higher workings and
direction, still, for the most part, the
average man is now enslaved by it. He has
forgotten how to control his own body. He
too often is the victim of habit -- shifted
here and there by whims and circumstances.

He believes that he is a man or woman,
belongs to this or that race or religion,
owes loyalty to a certain country, and
that he lives perhaps three score and ten
and then goes, he knows not where. This
is the average man in human consciousness.
And this is far from the God-state which
man is supposed to be conscious of.

In lower life forms, we find simple
consciousness. Animals react to environmental circumstances and live by instinct .
Instinct is not intuition. Instinct is an
inner picture or belief, formed thru many
past experiences.

The simple consciousness of animals is
reflected in the subconscious life of man.
The subconscious is built by stimulus and
response. It will believe anything, as
long as it maintains the body. This allout concern for preservation of the physical body is the law of the jungle, and is
deadening to spirituality. It leads only
to misunderstanding, competition, pain.

When we see the average man under the
"law", or working along the lines of
cause and effect, we need not be overly
concerned. This is the natural process of
evolution, for the body and mind has been
created by the law of cause and effect
over untold millions of years. The body
has the memory of the millions of years
of habit, growth, and survival. The patterns and electrical blueprints in the
structure are many; the habit of relying
upon the subconscious mind to handle the
affairs of man is an old pattern. Quite
often, when man says, "I'll let God take
care of it", they're simply shifting responsibility to the reactive or subconscious mind.

How are we to eradicate or erase the
memories in the electrical body of the
human being? As long as we carry these
with us, we are subject to reactive behavior. It is true that if one is rested,
happy, and full of zest, the memory'patterns will lie dormant. But, as soon as'
health fails, the body tires, or we receive a set-back or two in living, we are
prone to revert to the subconscious patterns for survival. We react automatically—and this is painful, for no two
situations, tho similar, can be exactly
alike. What we did in the past may have
been "wise ", then, but wrong today.

If we try to overcome every little
conditioned pattern in our subconscious,
which has been constructed over millions
of years, we will take another length of
time to override present conditions. So,
to speed up things, to free ourselves
of these memory shackles, we turn our attention to Life. We learn to be "absent
from the body ", and live in a condition
of pure creativity. Then, we eventually
erase and shake loose the recordings or
karmic patterns.

If you have a tape recording, and you
try to go over the tape and remove one
word at a time, it would take a lot of
time and effort -- but by erasing that tape
it can be done easily within a few minutes, even tho it may have taken an hour
or two to make the recording. However, if
you should pass a magnet over the tape,
you can erase the recording in seconds
instead of minutes or hours. This is the
easy way.

And so it is with the memory recordings
in the system. You may go over them in
memory and restore them to understand
them and remove the stored pain there. Or