Volume 5, Issue 9, page 3

New Target for the Medical Union: A Martian Hat-Type of Machine That
Deals Death and Resurrection to Patients Almost Instantly
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OW MANY people can you reach with one
pair of hands?" demanded Phil Friedman, the Man of Endless Zeros. "I
ask you, how many? Ya gotta work out
a one-shot deal oryou don't go far enough,
no matter how thin you stretch yourself."
How could a "layer on of hands" ever
work out a "one-shot cure" that would
help him reach sick persons around the
world? It was nonsense -- but Friedman
doesn't usually talk such. He may sound
like it, but when you think it over, it
isn't nonsense.

This was in July-August, 1958, that
Friedman told me what I had to do. I didn't do it, but Dean Bosserman, of Los Angeles, did, with a device he calls the
"N -Stress".

The N-Stress came to my attention when
Byron Moore, also of Los Angeles