Volume 5, Issue 9, page 14

where it would lead us and if than I lay out their bright shop for me and was an interour dollars are well invested ideas for experiments and tell esting and worthwhile experiin processing—or whether the how they did what and what ence. Usually, I hear about
same results may be obtained happened, and what may be the them from someone else. This
in an easier and less expel- reasons... Of course, I want to time, I have first-hand inforsive way. subscribe...it has a wealth of nation...
"The ABERREE is consistent- good, stimulating ideas I might "This workshop was beautily interesting and provoca- never run across elsewhere. fully planned and excellently
tive. Even when I don't agree I'll admit this issue takes up run by a committee consisting
with the contributors."- -John more space for Dianetics than of Pat Buchan, Jim Wortman ,
McDermott, Bronx, N. I. I can conceive of your readers and Dale Hutchins. It was held
wanting, except for a small at a motel in Menlo Park, near
"Betty Schwartz deserves a minority. Had I not been an San Francisco.
better answer, perhaps, but auditor myself in Hollywood in "Most of the time was spent
this will have to suffice. It's the lush days of Ron Hubbard's in actual 'work' with the ex
all there is. school here, I Would have found ception of a few short general
"'Forewarned is forearmed'. the reading uninteresting.... group meetings during which
Obviously, the guy knew how to "In your writing in this there were several talks, folchange the future because he issue you mention your ouija lowed by explanations of achedwas 'hep' on how to change the board and automatic writing. I uled events. We also listened
past with a good, sound Scien- wanted to scream at you clear to a tape which was designed
tology technique. Having, also , from Los Angeles to Enid, when to help one 'tune' to any pera good auditor to work with I read...' We 're about ready to son, accentuating the 'signal'
and the courage to run some- let the message writers return and minimizing the 'noise'.
thing that heavy, he ran it to the non-communication sta- "After the large group meetout, just as you'd run any tus they and we maintained.' ing, off we went for a 2-hour
other engram. Shame on you! Is that any way group tracking session. These
"A year thereafter, having to experiment? were each handled by a group
driven Price (Helper) Canyon "A lot of people sit endless monitor and consisted of small
for 15 years, his work activ- hours trying to get an ouija groups of 4 or 5 people. By
ity changed radically and he to move, or a pen to write, now, most of your readers are
no longer makes those frequent and don't. Others report they familiar with Belief-Attitudetrips thru the area, do but don 't say how it hap- Motive Tracking. By the time
"Pay the way, I'd say that pened to begin to commence we had tracked down the real,
Lundberg's criticism of Arentz writing. Was it the first time motive behind one of our pet
is strictly non-sequitur. I'd they heard of it and tried? Or beliefs, we knew a lot more
suggest he read the statements after endless trials? Was any- about ourselves. A new innovahe 's trying to misinterpret one with them? Was there some tion in 'tracking' was tried
more carefully before launch- quit a considerable emotion with all in the group freely
ing into a contentious rebut- boiling up inside the sitter questioning the speaker of the
tal of what I'd consider non- when it did start writing? In moment. The insight of the toexistent arguments. I'm sur- short, how does automatic writ- tal group is thus put more
prised at Dick, too, because ing come about? freely to work.

I have a healthy respect for "I have from my own exper- "In order to improve techmost everything I've read of fences decided tentatively on niques, at o n e p a r ticular
his." -- Joshua Carmichael, Chi- the belief that the ability to tracking session, there was
, Ill. do auto-writing and/or m ove- the addition of an 'observer'
$ ments out of the ouija is who said nothing (real tough
"(ABERREE) came this morn- transmitted from one who can/ job) and took notes on how
ing, and I have just finished does to one who can't. This each one questioned (or coachit. To dig into what caused seems to hold true also for... ed). The evaluations of these
you, possibly, to name the pa- the development of clair v oy- observers was very enlightenper as you did, I took down once and -audience, and the ing. 'Teamwork' was another
the College Standard Diction- like. I was therefore quite feature of the workshop. These
ary, for all the nuances, only interested in the article on were 2-hour sessions in which
to find, among others: 'partial Subud, in which the novice sits two people worked together,
insanity' and 'FAILURE OF A in the presence of the initi- each spending half the time as
LENS TO BRING ALL LIGHT RAYS ate for a matter of minutes 'coach (me one who asks the
ID THE SAME FOCUS'. and is 'opened',. I can't re- questions) and half as 'sub"I think that's all to the sist adding that automatic writ- jett' (the one who tries to
good. Too many people are so ing has furnished me with six answer them). For some, this
darned cock-sure of what is months of nights of the most was the first experience at
the right way, the truth, that exciting adventure I've ever coaching. It added a new diit is fine to get the rays fo- had- - and I've been scared mension to their understanding
cused off center and see the speechless hiking t h ru t h e of synergetic methods and basic
marginal possibilities, the jungles of Yucatan and on ideas. It gets easier with
neglected and forgotten and treasure hunts, etc... practice. There were also spemissed implications. Sy def in- "Perchance... some kindred cial sessions given to those
ition of insanity, we are all souls among your members will who wanted to track down some
partly insane, I reckon, an d be interested enough to write of t h e i r complicated, more
thank heavens for it. The world me concerning their i d e as on elusive patterns (protodynes).
would still be flat if someone these subjects." -- Harold D. "From what I could observe
hadn't been a little nuts -- Kinney, Box 3146, Inglewood 2, of those present, there was a
enough to suspect and investi- Calif. fairly general feeling that
gate for himself. § $ $ something important was gained
" What I hoped to find when "The first Northern Calif- from this workshop... Everyone
The ABE RREE arrived was a ornia Synergetic Workshop was there wanted to 'work', which
'workshop' houseorgan sort of held Nov. 14-16, with 34 at- created an atmosphere of a
thing, wherein a lot of people tending from all over the fair degree of honesty and a
more experienced and learned state. This was the first work- willingness to admit it when