Volume 5, Issue 9, page 9


Wtee- Odae the material eftect expression. This the
final beneficial ial expression—the law set in
action, or matter set in action to law.

First, we have the law itself in the field ole
o thf e sather. This lisa law. the Second cen, t we h we have th ve the mi ai-f ry 1 cathing
h father
1~dt4V nor expression of manifestation; this is in the
field called soul, creation, consciousness.
This soul and creation field is a part of the
second pole action, part of the full manifestation. Third, we have the body field, or comPart III plete manifestation in matter.
HE ONLY WAY we can explain a law, a world, Spirit, Soul, Body are the trinity of a law.
a universe that does not exist in effect, Spirit and Body are the two poles of a law,
or, material expression, is to use the such as positive and negative, Father and Son,
words and terms that already apply to The "Two Witnesses". The Christ in the Bible
the system or world of life that we know. says he is the second pole or Fitness of a new
This complicates a clear presentation very yorld or law. John 5:32-37: "It is another who
greatly, for one can become confused, and mix testifies (witnesses) concerning me; and I
up the acting law and acting world with the know the testimony which he testifies concerninactive, but Divinely possible, other world. ing me is true. And the Father who sent me has
So, to keep aware of the differences, we must testified concerning me. But you have never
become thoroly grounded in the meaning and heard his voice nor seen his appearance."
action indicated by the use of certain words. The soul, the minor manifestation, t h e
If this appears as kindergarten material, you middle avenue and channel of consciousness, is
are right; it is, but you will find it is a expressed, the action of gathering all t h e
different school and we all start in it as principles to their completeness. Thomas Edichildren, son had to have an idea, a conception, a viThe word manifestation covers the secondary aion of electricity before he had an avenue -- a
field of expression, the effect or material soul of the law leading to manifestation.
field. Any law that does not have the second A law with the full three divisions exexpression or second pole in action does not pressed -- spirit, soul, body -- becomes a reality
exist to uS, does not affect us. For explana- and proven fact. The law in the spirit is untion, we will again use the law of electrici- known, the law in the soul field is unknown,
ty. We know this law of electricity always the law in the body field is knowledge applied,
existed; at least, we will take that premise effect, proof absolute, the "transfiguration ".
and keep out of becoming involved in "past Edison figured out the law of electricity --
time" -- but it did not exist to us until Thomas all this was in the soul field of discovery,
Edison et al manifested it. knowledge, and understanding. He then took the
What state was the law of electricity in figures and put them across into a figure. He
before it was manifested? It was in a first took his knowledge, his law, a cross into the
pole state, a dormant state; it did not exist body field of matter. The figure is the electo us because the second pole expression was tric light, and all other effect manifestations.
not in action. We did-not have the conscious- frans means to go across, the Cross of Christ
ness of, or, in other words, know the law of symbolizes to go across. trans-figure-ation
electricity. Consequently, electricity did not means to pass over the knowledge into the figwork for us; we did not have its many effects, ure or body field of manifestation. This man
such as lights, radios, T-V, bells, buttons. Joshua, of Nazareth, merely promised transfigWhen Edison was working on the law of elec- walson. He was teaching in the soul field of
trinity and before he fully manifested it, was consciousness. He was teaching the soul field
there a minor or partial degree of manifesta- of creative action; the knowledge field of the
lion? Yes. What was this second pole effect minor expression of the second
action that manifested an expression and where was, pole Second
es awitness,,; Christ was or is, a li vssa soul
was it expressed in Edison? He had a conscious- and not, most emphatically 10f, a transfigured
ness, an idea, an urge, a conception, a germi- soul -- not a living body, not a Hoi Ghost!
nation of an understanding. This was a mani- ,
festation expressed in certain cells in his Edison s knowledge of electricity was a
body, releasing the energy causing the idea, ghost -- not real or fully seen. when he placed
concept, perception. it into a light—into the body field—it beWhy did the law of electricity manifest a came a whole, a complete law or a ''Holy Ghost "
second pole in Edison and in no one else? Be- (Ghost, symbolically, means a beginning of
cause Edison had an inner recognition that in- something not yet a reality.) Knowledge and
dined him to sense and obey a scientific law soul are ghosts -- same as angels (promises, beof reception, disobeyed by all others. He ginnings) are ghosts.
opened the door that released the first pole Contrary to belief the Holy Ghost is a most
energy in himself, so it moved forward and concrete perfect eternal life body and not
manifested in sequence the second pole ex- some hazy unseen force of God. The Holy Ghost
prissier, term is applied to the completing of a degree
Has anyone else ever opened up channels to of the Christ Law in the body field. In the
unknown or unmanifested eve laws? Yes. Every in- case of Jesus, it meant a higher cell state in
venter who brings in a law that was hitherto the body; the building up of the consciousness
unknown does this very thing. It is manifesto(regenerative life knowledge consciousness)
tion on the minor laws of the 'Mind law' , causes degrees of cell change unseen within
Manifestation has two fields of expression. the body. This action is called transfarsaThe first field is that of consciousness, or lyon. This is changing the formation of going
knowing. A consciousness of a new law begins across to another formation.
with a sensing, a feeling, an urge, an idea; (To be continued next issue)
it next brings in a partial understa^ding; this is built up and carried thru to the finish No reader gets out of The ABERREE what the
or complete understanding. The second field is editor thinks he is putting into it.