Volume 5, Issue 9, page 4

subluxation of the tailbone, which was of more than three weeks' standing, regular osteopathic treatments notwithstanding. The usual irritation of the sciatic nerve was very painful. One sock between the eyes and my legs immediately equalized in length and the pains vanished. I felt normal again, at once.

The relief via the N-Stress lasted for the duration of that entire day, but when I arose the next morning, some of the subluxation and pain had returned. This I attributed to careless positions in sleep. But with another application of the hammer, another relief was effected. The next night I slept with more care as to my positions and on the floor. Today, which is the day after, I am still free from t h e severe aches and pains, with only a slight tenderness in certain positions. I have my fingers crossed.

My vertebra, I hope, will now vert its abra back to normalcy, especially with a few applications of Burks's red hands.