Volume 5, Issue 9, page 15

one discovered that he had not
been as honest as he had
thought before . " - - P lorence
Worrell, Saratoga, Calif.
"It is our feeling that
your report on Subud in December's ABERREE is a very fine
one. I have received a number
of letters about it -- but to my
surprise I have gotten almost
as many letters asking me about
the letter on the back page
from Bramwell Saywell about
Mr. Bennett's habit of not
answering letters even when
inclosing 'postage money for
his reply'. To understand the
reason for this, one must know
a little about Subud.
"Subud has spread very rapidly around the world. There
are now Subud groups and members in 52 countries. In England alone in March of 1956,
50 members w e r e being opened
every week. This is besides
the even larger numbers being
handled as 90-day probationaries. You see, Subud grows
rapidly and much more so than
Dianetics or Scientology ever
did. Mr. Bennett's role in all
this is somewhat analogous to
that of Mr. Kitselman in ETherapy or Dr. Winter and John
Campbell in the early days of

It is interesting that
some of the talk about Bennett
resembles some of the remarks
heard years ago about Mr. Kitselman... and Mr. Alphia Hart.
Remember, Alphia, when every
good and conscientious Hubbardian out-did each other calling
you names?
"One last comment: In Subud
you will find that the technique has not changed in 30
years nor is it likely to...
Active membership in three major centers in America stands,
at present: Los Angeles 70.
San Francisco 110, and New
York 50. About 5 or 6 are added a week." -- Vic Torrey, Oakland, Calif.

They are not advanced. Th e
powers of ESP they have are
detriments to them. By the law
of magnetic affinity they come
to people of very low consciousness. Might say they are
better looking shoe-boxes, but
empty of shoes.
"There is a little catch to
this healing power and other
expressions of the do-gooder.
The attachment to those you
heal or help, where there is
no change of consciousness embodying a contact with the
Real Self, you will have to
take up their ailment and pass
it thru your body later. Not
so funny! Both Edgar Cayce and
Subuh were warned by their own
Divine Intelligence not to go
into this psychic gift expression. But phenomena worshippers from the outside insisted. Over-building of the
temple that must be torn down
will cause much extra work.
The higher frequency will win
out, if you have extra trash
piles in the way the heat may
become rather difficult to
bear. The mental man is always
looking for gifts -- free help.
There is none -- only appears to
be. Each one must work out his
own salvation. I get letters
from people wanting to become
able to help others; in ratio
to their own impulse-desire to
help others is their own need
for self-help and advance in
normalcy. Mental and psychic
healers and miracle performers
are sub-normal; they do not
have relative amounts of energy
in the various basic fields.
So, if some guy comes around
with an outstanding gift ability and you get a tinge of inferiority, just perish the
thought; you are more normal
than he is. There are no great
men, so look out for the deceptive scenery." -- Wayne frubshow, Marysville, Wash.
"Your book report on Subud,
coupled with some information
I gathered, leaves me cold. It
is some more of simple truths
so cloaked that it takes reams
to simplify it again.
"E-Therapy (thanks for not
coupling ours with Subud) can
be explained to a 6th grade
child for a start in its practice. We urge all to start now
with as much as you now know,
more will come to you. I do
not hold with complex teaching; it requires a teacher
whom you must continue to pay."
-- Jacob Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.
"Just finished reading you
December issue! Your editoria
on air you make sound like a
joke, but tae joke's apt to be
on us. I remember when I bought
LOUIS, Internationally- known
Mystic. Will answer one specific " ggestion free for the
readers of The ABERREE. Please
include self-addressed, stamped
envelope. Box twenty-one, Morristown, Arizona. V9-2.

WISH to correspond with folks
born in the 1880's -- anywhere
-on Earth, Venus. or Mars.
Write Cather U.S.A., Care
ABERREE, Box 528, Enid. V9-20

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