Volume 5, Issue 9, page 11

Experimenter Repeals Some of the "Laws of Photo Chemistry", and From
His Darkroom Come Prints Even the Experts Can't Explain
OME OF US finally get so filled with
"book larnin' '' and endless reading
that we want to do something active.

I'm trying to locate such persons
who have photographic dark rooms and
experience in developing and printing to
collaborate with me on two types of experiments. An earlier search for this
combination of interests and abilities --
an article in the November, 1954, issue
of FATE, titled "How to Make Spirit Pictures", called " scotographs" -- found only
one man.

If you are not interested in psychic
phenomena, this new experiment may intrigue you. I stumbled onto this strange
and unorthodox photographic result only a
few months ago -- the making of hand and
body prints -- and it already has received
wide publicity. A traveling medium in Japan is so interested he is carrying scotographs and handprints to show to the
chain of spiritualist groups with whom he
regularly meets, trying to find anyone
able to duplicate them.

Let me explain the procedure in making
hand- and body-prints first. Take a sheet
of contrasty, or "hard " (such as No. 4 or
No. 5) enlarging paper