Volume 5, Issue 9, page 13

1 Altho The ABERREE's Annual Cristmas Number is published in mid-summer, we were
positively deluged with pretty
pictures from those who don't
conform to our non-conformity .
Which we always enjoy, because
so many append little notes.
But this year, thanks to James
Welgos and his HUMAN ENGINEER,
which published a psychiatrist 's analysis as to why
people select certain types of
Christmas cards, Ye Pub, found
herself doing a bit more than
writing names down in a "Cards
Received "booklet. Every sprig
of prickly holly, unbroken
paths to closed doors, candles
without flames, and the like,
became merciless symbols of
what people wouldn't have you
know about them for the world.
We don't know bow accurate an
ambulatory E-Meter the exercise proved her to be, but it
was an interesting i n terlude
after a long, busy day. Leave
it to a psychiatrist to find
evidences of psychoses, even
in such innocuous things as
Season's Greetings. We might
add that she gave Ye Ed. some
cards to analyze, and didn't
reveal until after we'd "shot
off our big mouth " that we were
analyzing cards we ourselves
had sent out years and years
1 Meade Layne, who's been
trying to get out two mimeo
publications -- ROUND ROBIN since
1945 and CLIPS, QUOTES, COMMENTS since 1953 -- announces in
the October - November C- Q -C
that something's gotta give ;
there's just too much work, not
enough money, and postal rates
a r e getting too high, with
another hike due in January
(and they're talking about another as soon as Congress can
be bludgeoned into one). So,
effective immediately, C- q- C
will curl up its toes, while
ROUND ROBIN keeps bob, bob,
bobbin' along -- for awhile at
least... Al tho we said, "But
we won't go into the history
of why it never was published"
in this column last month, one
of our readers airmailed us a
letter, wanting to know where
he could pick up a copy of "Ex
Calibur" "at the average book
price". Which doesn't speak
very well for how clearly we
write. Maybe we'd better enrol
for a correspondence course in
"Journalism", as our friend ,
Dr.James Clark, of Dalbeattie ,