Volume 3, Issue 2, page 13

thought that 'Brain-Washing' was tion is the
gat a HASI method to keep auditors against medics:
an studying psychology. That seems humiliating a
its local effffect anyhow! ly borne...)
"The Stair,~y, Walsh—Here the said of any w
Wals1 answer nn demand for ad- ropy whatever
vanced material. Their detailing of really do ham
the different presentations of real- truly basic
ity is particularly useful. I almost in all the
got to the top of that once, but makes it compr
both pre-clear and auditor (I was This will undo
pre-clear) conked out at the last an 'out-and-mm
stage. The Walsh concept of 'Thetan' ier and most
is almost exactly the same as mine. ers. Actually
The data that the Thetan can be run have attacked
out is heartening. It has rather the CEES, the
drastic inherent limitations, space- and the expres
time instability being the worst. entologists.
I'm willing to settle for a stabili- Dianetics, Sc:
zation at 'I AM' (Hubbard's Home as ychologi
Universe?) with voluntary Thetan... psychotherapis
"Our Hidden Children Burks -- what Hubbard as sci
I enjoy most about inks is that he tor, and as
is transparently concerned with the he has been ands
furtherance of somebody besides his roles. Jackie
own self. How refreshing this is! derstand any of
"Dear Editor Section — Vjg Torrey about bodies.
-- Thil- Nirvana entails obliteration is an argunent
of the ego, I deny. From the liters- of ParaSciento
ture, Gautama Siddhartha was about practiced in
as distinct an individual after Nir- and experience
vana as anyone in all recorded his- ion is necess
tory. I have not, in reading, in thermore alas
discussion, in my own experience time. From so
seen any evidence to indicate that kal not unco
self-consciousness is not carried cessing, I wolf
all the way through to the end. The of the type Self is something you have, like a Area', is dial
Thetan. The Mee or I, is something (as direct
you are. People shy, 'I saw', 'It are) and poss
happened to me'; not 'My self saw', plant. This 1a
etc. The Ego is what experiences, processing of
the Self is all circuits and 'ma- tempts to reto
chines'. David Westlake—Fairly good after it, chip]
defense but badly beside the ppooint. duce large stn
If Mr. Westlake (like Hubbard) lady, such as
cants every unfavorable criticism consciousnesand objection as an 'out-and-art at- burst, an limit
tack', then Aberree and the whole ent. Her tompa
field of psychotherapy and Integra- the vision
tion -- philosolt~y and psychology— tinsipt, rack f bbua t I I
must seem a hostile and dangerous environ... The objection about the characteristic
charges for the 'liable Gift to 1(an- ly that devi
kind is not that the HASI charges able, but
for training, which is fair, but pleasurable.
that they charge so much for so lit- It,
and sell their product with which the the
false an d misleads advertising escape." -- Fred
claims, including the falsification
of case records and the suppression "I think y
of records of failure. I sa 'pro- wholesome expel
duct' because of Item 5 in 'The Code lot of contlas'
of a Scientologist - - To prevent the ton." -- Paul Pa
use of Scientology in the advertisement of other products'. The cons- "Getting ha(
tant change of processes and SOPS is ical matters
not wrong, since it indicates con- lent factor
tinning progress. But Hubbard's in- processing I
21stence that Scientologists must 1952 was the
use only the most recent SOP, must for certain ea.(
not use any earlier Ste. and that tant in time
the last SOP is The E d, is object- cube people, fi
ionable...That many auditors are in- plain alot of
competent to audit Scientology and homesickness
that such incompetence is harmful to tions obstina
Pro-clears is indisputable. That themselves.
some of the 'excommunicated' audi- stencils for
tors are thus incompetent is obvious 'Unconscious'
from their writings alone. But it is turned on full
also a fact that many auditors still do have the ab
in~ggood standing with the HASI and but the matte]
Nerd equally incompetent. It ap- ing. Especiall
pears that the primary qualifica- of the stories
tion of any auditor for advanced very seriously
training is not his or her success- Apropos o
ful processing record, but rather March issue
the possession of several hundred archies and
dollars to spend for further train- would like to
ins. Finally, the requirement that able prophecie
all Scientologists must consent to punishment ha
an impromptu, flanged-up Religion hold on the
withwu dignity, spiritual depth, or stunaulation:
aesthetic value, whose basic motiva- track process
an n
o ® u p s n in A u l a a t W t i
evasion of state laws cate that Hell is where we've almalpractice, is too ready been, not where we are going.'
condition to be light- -- Ivor Dar-reg. Los Angeles, Calif.
Hart—Can it not be
afI-worked -- out philos- "Patent 2,736,313 has arrived; i
that in we covers the basic circuit and 20 pos•
e a knowledge that is sible variational designs of thi
d that moreover takes probe-type electropsychometer. Thu:
world's knowledge and Patent has been issued with the no.
ehensible? Fred d -- tation 'without references', a rani•
ubtedly be regaras ty in electronics, for it means the
t attack' by the jump- invention is completely basic, tha
partisan of your read- no other remotely similar thing is
, so far as I know, I on file in the U.S.Pa.tent Office.
only Ability Magazine, "Concept Therapy, despite al:
Church of Scientology, that has happened to them, is stilt
sed views of some Si- going strong on electropsychometers
have not attacked Dr. C.P. Wright, their chief sales•
entology or Hubbard man-doctor, writes:
st, philosopher, or "'At our class in Buffalo thea
t. I have attacked were eight prospective buyers; Om:
entist, as administra- is there were eight who did not have
Messiah, since I think instruments. There were seven sale:
-cast in these three at the prices you have set ($485 foy
Ishmael—I don't un- the probe). None questioned the
this except the part price as being too high or too low
Mrs. Ross Martin -- This although I an satisfied they woul
aril. exhib ii favor have purchased the instruments a
logy. To a person not the prices we formerly quoted, wit]
non-organic perception the very same reaction, no question:
of this kind, a via- whatsoever." -- Volney Mathison, Lo.
ly true and is fur- Angeles, Calif.
ys assigned present "Just
mewhat similar mater- wanted you to know, in casi
on in whole-track pro- anybody mentions it, that my note tA
ld say this vision is you recently wasn't a 'come-on' foi
:ailed 'Between lives tapes. But response to ABERREE an(
laced in space-time ORION have been such that I find :
erceptions frequently havedto taka vstit them, agr~ far hhais
t can be shown by a 4
ablc contains an
aim- ny ny tant as mid-Texas, and I just can''
the vision. If at- spread thin enough. So, I,ve dicta,
tact it, go before or ted seven healing exercises, 15 min.
icate it, etc., pro- utes each, on tape. Those who wis]
ess reactions in the may send me a two-hour reel of tap
evasion, negation, un- for these exercises, each of whit]
o r emotional out- will be dictated afresh for tha
nt is probably pres- questioner, and for which such folk
tations as a result of may send me whatever they wish. The;
dicate she has a valid are designed to be used at the sane
think there's a whole time as we do our 'in absentia' sit
keyed into it. It is tings. It distributor would probabl;
of an taplant not on- charge $5 for each of these, but
ion from it is punish- simply can't even hint at con mer.
t obedience to it is cializing something I myself regar~
s I once formulated as without price. But donations cm
theta trap is one from Fo a long way toward setting up n
tan has no desire to oundation, or to helping out th
Hand, Houston, Texas. 'hidden kids'." -- Arthur J. Burks,
Paradise, Penn.
ourmag. should be a ••
ience after reading a "Thanks for your invitation..
mg stuff from Washing- This publication has remained mor
mer, San Diego, Calif. stable (even though it changed it
size and to terribly small type
k toparascientolog- than most publications of this na
for a moment, the sal- ture. At least one feels that th
about the whole-track address is known, pro tam, at least
went through back in "After the expenditure of severa
intense homesickness thousand dollars, several years o
nts and persons dis- fairly continuous time and much hu
nd space -- the thought- man energy investigating variou
r example. I can ex- aspects of Dn & Scn (sometimes dee
things away, but the behind the scenes in the dark cor
nd other profound emo- ners) I am sorry to have to afire
aly continue to assert with your recent correspondent fro
hen I was cutting the Boston who optined that 'somethin
certain parts of the should be done by way of effectiv
affair, these emotions 'revolt'.
blast! Fortunately, I "Following his own 'instructions
ility to turn them off is ia t part
seems. Hub bard's course o
• still needs explain- action 'charges' h
y the way some readers has sneeringly aimed at so many otb
insist on taking than owns projections of his ow
f your remark in the low-precepts, one habpatterns.
about religious hier- "Perhaps he has a right (thoug
heir gravy trains, I not in the sense of greatest goo
add that the profit- for the greatest number) to destro
s concerning eternal his own creations or evolutions. Be
v e their tremendous it's not exactly good sense from
public because of re- practical (or aesthetic) standpoint
results from whole- would you say?
ng would seem to indi- "I've been 'done good'- -in mor