Plowing Up the Field

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Plowing Up the Field awhtrenist: you're "A
i John C. Brown, inventor of the helps "Com Com
he ' i1imnoffaI cTl ", has moved lmircia
his laboratory from Middleboro, his client
Mass., to Lenmore, Calif. His ad- engr E-Mete
dress is Postoffice Box 158, for per r engrain dind
those readers who want more in- $150 for f -- and Ala
formation on the B-Cell . Altho a1 c0 complete et. f
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Brown does not sell the Cell, Volume One weo k
he will send samples to those who , w be obtained for
ask for them, and will accept fi- sound like the b
nancial contributions equal to is, but anything
one's generosity. We understand any price, if
the Cells are being peddled by badly enough...
others than Brown at $1 each... elf anyone wa
I Phil Friedman almost wrecked mixed up (or ma
oui meith in our own`'discernment mixed up he now
recently when he reported that he by taking seriou
sent some plain tap water _and a "Are We Writi
bottle of B - Cell water to the this mimeograph
Phoenix city chemists, and the tries to show
report came back that the B-Cell is to write and
water showed impurities. while standingly beta
the tap water was O.K. 'It's a tions of our a
gyp! '' we yelled, and while we reprints a sum
know little or nothing about the his own, made 15
city chemist, we did vent he admits he's
our feelings anent some other whose address is
officials. So, Phil sent Blvd., Los Angel
in a new pair of bottles for an- ces of copper
alysis. This time, the chemists tion to confusi
gave the nod of purity to the B- in her "words
Cell water, reassuring us that simile recently
our eyes and taster hadn't been colorful and pe
playing us tricks. In the first kened religious
instance, it was patently a pure churches to a
case of shifted identities... garten, with no
T Alma Hill has transferred her student to gradl
side ofching activities from first grade. Ru
Boston to Fort Kent, Maine, and spending the win
says her English technique is be- Okla., as a reel
ing appreciated best -- a contract Milligan's " Ci
with more money than Tea Party will be returni
Town was willing to pay. Alma, it Wausau. Wis.,
might be mentioned here, sent the is out for her
Publisher a new post-Easter eye- hAnd by the way
shade, complete with flowered "Uncle Ed" Mill'
horns and a burnoose, or shoulder twose preac prs
awning, or some such thing, which against ganged
is a pretty good guarantee that IJim Welgos re
the Editor won't do any eyeshade Engineering, Fa
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aret burns... "correcting bod'
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"strike" hade. but we war
against economy, and got had to relegate
no mail one Saturday, should com- 21 -- or was it
pare this with the letter we got 'way back in the
from Charles Wallach, mailed on official yet, but
Febfrom Bombay, India, and theOklacon (Okla
delivered in Enid on 22 April... tion convention)
Which reminds us, we haven't Enid over Labor
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Pearl Hennick in Th4 DEVI ''S
aiip .r clebrarst wedding anni r r visitor in the ~ ~\ ly .
Faith Kelly, who `~•/ 1
ways. ..1 br. W.E . If there was no illness, there
ttsburgh fenn.) would be no need for doctors . If
tion of a psychi- there was no "sin" , preachers
or you go to see would be without pulpits support g crazy -- and he ed by the fear-stricken. And if
This should be in there was no crime, what use
s', but we have a would be lawyers, police, and
ho wishes to sell judges? Maybe, because everyone
r, that super-du- wants to keep his or her job, you
r of Volney Math- can figure out for yourself why
says he'll take there seems to be no improvement
o, if anyone wants in this messed-up world of ours.
of The ABERREE, •
now where one can When Adam and Eve split a bit
,5. This doesn't of "forbidden fruit" , it cost Man
rgain the E-Meter his "paradise" ; his descendants,
's a bargain at by splitting an atom, may cost
someone wants it Man a planet. Which shows how
much more is possible in a scien nts to get really tific age than during a purely
ybe discover how agricultural one.
is), he can do it
sly Ivor Darreg's Marble is a base both for
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ed booklet, Ivor on you in life, and over Your
how impossible it bodY after death.
/or print under- •
se of the limita- O n e must know very little
1phabet. He even about God before they can profess
ested revision of to auction Him from the pulpit.
years ago, which •
outgrown. Ivor, Many would-be wits think they 1280 Exposition re being sage when they're merely
es, wants 30 pie- dipping into hot pepper.
or his contribu- _~ICC
n...%Ruth Lang, The Transition of 'I Am'
of Life used a
we thought rather CCONTINUED FROM PAGE 1L
rtinent. She li- wants himself to be. Just as sure teaching in the ly as I go to my reward, as sure ontinuing kinder- ly shall the great 'I AM' mani provision for the fest itself in each of you, and
ate into even the You, in turn , will become Masters
th, who has been of the Sleight of Mind.
ter in Lone Wolf, Before the Mirrors on your
uit in Uncle Ed own walls, you may stand and gaze
y of Dawn" plan, rapt admiration at your own
g to her home in I-am-ages. And in doing so, you
s soon as school will then appear to yourselves to
three children... be exactly that which you have
, what happened to always wanted to be. There are
gan? Hope none of millions who have laughed at me
Te s been railing for what appears to be a seeming up to gag him... ly unfruitful existence. Be that
orts that Human as it may, but who appears more
irhope, Ala., is foolish? Me, who has given you so
nment again, but many splendid performances? or
ewpoint. They're you, poor fools, sitting now at
es' thru a course my feet, licking my boot straps,
ssing. Jim sent us sustaining your conception of
ults obtained to Yourselves on my empty words,
P so crowded, we thoughts, and ideas?"
the yarn to Page The Master then took his de 47? Anyhow, it's mice gracefully. No one told him
back...4 It's not to "drop dead". He, with the lord Kent Kent Corey hints ly grace for which he was world homa science-fit- famous, simply plopped over on to
may be held in a divan which was conveniently
Day week-end... located within falling distance.