Volume 4, Issue 3, page 15

est news sheet... The Center nas by our students
been lots of fun,..but it has ta- ated with us th
ken most of my time and thought if an article
for seven years, has been very is practical
confining, and has prevented my we'll make roc
doing many other things I would James W. Weisz,
like to accomplish. Without it, I Engineer", Box
can turn back to writing, can
work in our garden, can bake a "I guess we
cake now and then for my fadily, God helps thom
can paint (walls and canvas) and selves. You got
do many, many things which I have the Miracle Hea
not had any time for at all since "But sometim
1950...I shall continue to proc- operate -- viz.,
ess, of course -- all our old pre- cate warts by c
clears can always continue to with my finger:
claim my time and attention, for ing the patient
I feel that they are an obliga- be gone in appr
tion that once assumed, cannot be of the patien
tossed away. And occasionally I laughingly tell
shall accept a new pre-clear when lieve in that
I am convinced he wants to make But it works ju
real changes in himself, and is- knows, maybe t
n't just looking for relief from scious faith?)
a chronic somatic. I feel that time I tried th
our tools are too valuable to be of a wart on en
used for only minor goals... old,
"My own case is progressing, years would bump an
but there are still large areas bleed on her 1
in which to seek improvement, and blouse. I did
I rather expect to continue at about some Sw
these improvements thru all the and I had no fa
years ahead. I find that as one Ten days later
area is cleaned up, one becomes the wart, she s
aware of others previously unsus pected that now leap into view... and she's worri
"Money sent me for 'The Better good Catholic
Bridge', which was to have been league with Dia
the successor to The FLASH, has I assure her I
been returned to the senders or I'm anti-Diabol
applied for membership in the I. (Sometimes it
D.S. (International Dianetic So- days, and doesn
ciety) as they chose." -- Idella moles, only war
Stone, Sierra Madre, Calif. "But in gen
you have to pay
To "O1' Debbil Hart & Missus some way or nth
Angel Alice: dig a ditch wit
"We got lots of articals fer "Your parag
our paper what is known as the experiences re
Hoomin (Somethin er other). An we also most inte
don't have too such space for Brass seems to
makin too many udder peeple feel damn' liars -- I
gud. But we wanto have sum batter their pap that
articals abod sum of the udder is as innocuous
kines of books on things that ud- Even these xder Peeples are luukin at. us so freely ar
"We want to have some really lots of cance
good articles about Synergetics, bomb fallouts.
Dianetics, Scientology. religion, the results of
philosophy, etc., etc. We are op- x-ray specialis
ening up our pages to ALL other doses of x-ray fields. However we make two stip- mates varied 10
ulations and these are 1) that "Question --
the language used be simple and liars -- in every
non-technical and 2) that each healing field b
article must stand upon its own ience is that
two feet as a unit without rais- are the damndes
ing more questions than it an- and stuffed shi
"We suggest a study of our pub- hats in all well all fie
lication by those who really un- o
derstand their fields and who are theology, bout
able to produce results and sat- dustry, labor 1
isfied customers on a consistent our best bet
basis. By this we mean that we justice
true is to
don't want theoretical articles and chose
but articles that deal with spe- words by the jury
cific principles and illustrations bet , the comm
of what happened to people who fore , m me. others
used them. has to Rut
find tru
ut I
"We DO NOT want articles that Dr
are out and out attacks on any