A Dynamo that Tutors in Rhyme

Clara Contacts the Invisible and Finds

A Dynamo that Tutors in Rhyme

by Paul E. O'Neill

IN A LECTURE a generation ago, H.G. Wells closed with the words: "Some day beings, latent in our loins and dormant in our thoughts, will plant their feet upon this earth and reach out their hands among the stars." The first of the Seven Steps is concerned with firm planting of the feet upon the earth. It could be called basic realities.

Most therapies are based upon some form of suggestion. The laws of' suggestion have been pretty well understood since the turn of the century. And it has been found that while the spirit of man can be lifted toward the stars by these methods of' make-believe, when the lifting is slackened, the spirit usually falls back into the mud.

The Dynamo suggests that lack of a firm foundation is the cause of this.

One's foundation is not firm when one is not in harmony with some basic parts of himself. The largest and most important brick in man's foundation is sex. In this respect the Dynamo seems tobe more Freudian than Jungian.

That person who says he or she is not interested in sex, or whose interest is infrequent, has done one of several things: First, sublimation, the re-channeling of the sex urge into other creative activities. Second, the blockage of the "second dynamic" thru postulate and agreement, with religious opinion, and other repressive thought. Third, he or she is withholding love as an aggressive or defensive weapon against the opposite sex.

Sex is tied up with the will to live, so it should be renovated, shined up, rejuvenated. All the hypocrisy and shame must be torn away and thrown into the junk heap. This can be done by an effort of the will, or one of the various techniques of re-evaluation can be used. If there are serious blockages, they must be uncovered to the light of understanding.

Likewise with the blockages against work. T h e man or woman who does not like a n y sort of work has shut him or herself off from a very important part of him or herself. The joy of creative activity must be unshackled and renovated.

As Herbert Spencer said, "The first duty is to be a good animal". Diet, work, recreation, love. These are the basic things upon which the new house will be built.

A relinquishing of greed and worldly ambition sometimes will be necessary, as excessive avarice renders a solution to the material problems difficult of' attainment. A large appetite is hard to satisfy. It is often simpler to abate the desire. If such desire is to have wealth so as to lord it Over and exploit the less fortunate brethren, the urge is a salient one and its excision will not be a hurtful, but rather a helpful operation.

The tendency in America today is to vastly exaggerate the material needs. It is best to tone down the ambition as the law still holds true that "where the treasure is, there the heart is also".

STEP TWo -- Carrying the load.

Responsible U R for your efforts, actions. Think then and act upon the thought immediately.

When we first received this advice from the Dynamo, we had not heard of the B.A.M. technique or Analytical Procedure that came from post-Hubbardian Wichita.

These things seem to tie in with the Dynamo's second step. What he is advising is the rehabilitating of the analytical ability by adopting a sort of CEDA sequence in every day life for continuous use.

If a man thinks a problem out but fails to act upon the thought, he weakens the will and his role in life as cause. If he thinks out the problem and ACTS, he strengthens his will and his analytical ability, as well as himself as CAUSE.

Accepting responsibility for efforts and actions implies accepting responsibility for results and the lessening of Blame and its consequent angers, fears, and disruption of peace.

Blame is a debilitating destructive force, even in its minor phases. Its greatest havoc is found in the mind of the paranoid, who has given away so much responsibility that he lives in a prison of fear from which he knows not how to escape.

Practice this step for a week to make it a habit: Think the thing out, then act. Think and act. The benefit is astonishing.

STEP THREE -- Reaching for the pearls.

This is the cultivation of selectivity. A child wants everything and so we sift for him. You are adults.

The miser wastes time and space hoarding trifles, so he has no time for the important things. He is morbidly afraid of missing something. Many people suffer from this fault in lesser degree.

The main function of intelligence is the making of choices. So we must rehabilitate or establish our ability to choose the wheat from the chaff, the pearls from the pebbles.

The monkey and the elephant both prefer

For four years, Paul and Clara O'Neill have been in contact with a rhyming entity from what Paul calls a "higher plane of consciousness', who first conversed thru an ouija board. Now, this "crutch" has been done away with, and Clara is able to pick up messages direct. The contact has identified itself only as the Dynamo", and its messages it calls 'Elfin Rhymes'. During the four years, it has urged the O'Neills not to talk idly with others about the messages, but to make them public - and how more public can you get than to print them in The ABERREE? - The EDITOR.