Volume 4, Issue 3, page 13

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"I sincerely hope you will involved the
play up mr. Brown's B-Cell as "Which brings
as you discover for yourself to the next aDi
what it deserves. Do you know I asked is not
that Nostradamus predicts that in 'how she might
1987 hyperdimensional television Scientology'. I
is due so that a bit later the was that questio
se-called 'dead' will be both The question (co
seen and heard? The first, sec- 'How can one
ond, third, fourth, and fifth who inquire as
Planes are being prepared to concerning the
stage a Neheksuranukodyz." -- 6.F. gain from apD
Sheller, Glen Ellyn. Ill. (or Dianetic) me
cation to their
"I've learned my lesson. Never lems of survival
again will I address you as Hon. "MY problem
Reverend. professional sad
"Fact is, you have no rever- strated predate
ence for even my choicest illu- (careless) habit
sions -- about me, of course... seemed unwise t.
..you have needled me (as it of help in their
seems I did you) into defending -- and yet, as a
myself against 'inconsistency'. I felt unquali
Inconstant I'll admit, but, well, than just a cl
almost never inconsistent. There solution thru
is really no conflict between method of ana
holding that one should not 'cold- tion.
shoulder' the seeking hand out, "In conclusio and at the same time recognizing Your presentati
religious tyranny.I hold that all title, 'Those
people are, in essence, capable Others'. That'
of knowingness. And that self- selfish do-goode
salvation is the only kind -- use- "Also to Mark
ful kind, that is. for the 'leave
"My new premise is that aid to Place if possib
others which seeks only to pro- tents (inverted
mote growth of understanding (as comes the revo
above material returns given or the wheel a spin
demanded -- both of giver and re- and then by
ceiver), is the primary urge to wholeness for
wholeness all are seeking, how- Marie Phelps
ever dark the glass, in many in stances. As Christ consciousness "Enjoy each a
depicts, conduct yourself so as the ABERREE. Mi
to 'be able to love (respect) another expres
yourself -- that you may know how of the perenn
to love (communicate with) Your the 'Power-With
brothers', longer a mystic
" If this is inconsistency, make or East but
the most (fun) of it. It's bigger working human
than all of us. As an example -- West.
who could be bigger or better 'do- "Chiropractic
gooders' than a guy and gal who this 'Power Wi
continue to cope with a mag. telligence'.
called 'Ab' which they issued No. "Surely it
1 'Just in fun 'and then 'gave in' the structure
to numerous bleats from here and physical body
there to continue 'helping' the and surely it
cause of clarity (sanity) by reg- born from the
ular monthly issues? Ad infinity. tion.
Who? Soo? Wh000? (Wise old owl -- "Perhaps th
he just asks the questions!) destructive for(
"And another instance: How world is fear.
come you pick out the 3 paragraphs the human race
to insert in Dear Ed. section -- sustain it oth
Tl.a A 1
s wh med r th Bu erac s r g nb ly o uly o in
That's t l l th Swe S L p L an am m
3 that praise and falsehood, prejudice, az' dread
discernment and of the unknown. The most common.
Who's seeking ad- perhaps, is the fear of disease.
om? "However, once we become ori have the whiphand ented in our thinking to the fact
always censor and that the 'Power Within' expresses
is chosen to go itself from brain cells to tissue
ium. We readers cell by means of mental impulses
unate. Or are we? over channels of an electronic
m once more (with system, we need have no fear of
space -- a la ra- disease,
at I never men- "Hippocrates, the father of
in my most aber- medicine. in his original writings
desiring to rate stated that 'in disease we should
altruistic'. I'm first look to the spine'; and if
t there ain't no we are to use any form of hand
t answering calls practice the question of tech come bouncing in piques arises. The chiropractic
ation once one profession has perhaps done more
the doors, with exhaustive research on hand prac mete response, is tice techniques than any other
enjoying, or em- group. Combined with oral pro ket possibilities ceasing techniques wittingly,
rather than unwittingly, we can
the circle around demonstrate very Practical and
al. The question observable results to all those
, as you state, who are willing to look and can
et the most from see what they see when they see
deny 100% that it it," -- ,I.9arold Thibodeau, Myrtle
-- or implication: Beach. S. Car.
rrectly) inquired: best advise those "Placing Roth's article 'Isms
to one's ideas Offer No Escape from Self* adja enefit they might cent to Dr. Elliott's *Sure It
ing Sc~ientologic Works' in Vol. 4 No. 1 of The AB thods of clarifi- ERREE was a piece of editorial
wn pressing prob- strategy* that enhanced the mean . ing of both excellent articles.
was that so many Either stands on its own, to be
itors had demon- sure, in this matter of bringing
ry or immature into focus the truths of cause
s of attitude. it lying in the self, and is power involve a seeker ful in kidding or otherwise enti tender (?) toils cing troubled souls to look with non-practitioner, in." -- Grace Ellen Stiles, Paro led to give more ingdale. N.Y.
e to a possible (*ED,NDTEs-Sorry, but we can't
the Scientology
take credit for 'Editorial Strat sis and re-educa- egy". We just had two good articles by two good writers, and a
n of V. G. M.'s ar- couple holes to fill.)
Need Often Help "I have carried the Sept.,'56.
how we grow -- we ABBRREE halfway around the world
rs! before getting a moment to read
Gallert: Hurrah it. Having done so in this exotic
he world a better spot (Bombay, India)), I hasten to
es' -- the malcon- resubscribe herewith- Not having
do-gooders, if any dollars or checkbook handY.
ution) who turn and fearing the outcome of further
ahead every now delay. I as enclosing 10 rupees.
eir longings for which is a bit more than $2. If
sll humankind." -- the Enid banks should reject this
et. Malibu. Calif. tender on the grounds of provin issue of cialism, just make some cryptic
nd every
nd comment on my first copy to remind
Olt add that is it is me to redeem India's honor with a
ion or variation check.
al philosophy of "Since last writing you from
in', which is no London. I have moved my base of
ism of the Orient operations to Beirut, Lebanon.
also a practical. From this very pleasant city. I
rinciple of the am covering Asia. Africa. and
Southern Europe. Expect to be in
philosophy calls Oklahoma City some time this year
thin' 'Innate In- for a brief brainwashing, and
hope to see you then. Used to be
s intelligent, as that wherever I went I could find
d function of the Dianeticists or Scientologists
ply demonstrates; around. Now l can't. They have all
is innate, or in- appeared to disappear. Thought I
oment of concep- had caught up with Alix Stansfield
and went to Switzerland specifi e most cruel and cally to chat with that worthy
e in use in our who had moved to Berlin. Had to
It is as old as be satisfied with an exchange of
and has little to notes.
er than ignorance. sit is very distressing to find