Volume 4, Issue 7, page 15

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"A dear and 'seeking' friend "Only she
sent me a copy of ABERREE this maketed all
past week. Never heard of Syn- make the ne
ergetics, Scientology, nor the may get los
Aberree til this introduction, abyss buncon
..Enjoyed every word in Aber- and the m stern
ree ( read it all but can't say has a master
I was familiar with all its so say the
contents) and to say you speak whether I Mac
my language. It was a stimuli Christian tuj
and a 'lift', on nc inui
"Am much interested in your science. Wiss
becoming (when, where, why and Eastin. naat as
how -- that is speaking of ABER- Cheng. nap
REE) your purposes and where S. "How the American GMI
you plan on going!!!" -- Mary
Lane, P.O.Box 332, 7)vainHarte, we chase eac
Calif. and as they
plan to des
"Your editorial had many day a day ate t. Was
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points, and the best of it was man who had
creative processing -- create- in space whe
create-create. It has been impressed hi
most gratifying to me to get said, 'Landin
one individual in a family Being grounde
group to change his method of eh? Oh, thank
communicating, and to observe is a solidity.
the relativity change within "I love t
that group. You have set up an about the wou
unusual group of communica- had been sit
tors, some very fine. Thela meditating f
Newcomer meets an acceptance and he came
level in my understanding, and said, 'I hav
uses the pyramid in somewhat mind'. 'Get
the same manner that Dr. Brun- the answer. Al
did. Masters do
"So some of us are in kin- selves with
dergarten, some of us in the they just go
first grade, but we are all Elliott. Gro
cells of the great human body,
and part of the universal mind "Re: Ray
and to those with whom we dis- in reincarnati
agree, we say O.K., your way no other answ
doesn't please me, I'll have tion of life
to find my own way. Most of one lifetime
the great ways that I have en- time to advan
countered either in people or If we could
in books tell of losing the state of bein.
conscious mind, which is so side of life
intermittent, so one-lifetime- stay there? ish. just once, the
"Rev. Lathrop has a truth of imperfectio
in his simple letter that I place us back
like, and I like the idea that the beginning
he is reading you, and Dr. look as if Go
Clark from Scotland hasaknow- easily'. Then
ingness that I appreciate. all? " -- A.M.

NOVEMBER, 1957 The A B E R R E E
a g t n e PcT S
ounds healthier "Regarding the last ABERREE:
ng time, and this "Editorial -- What the beis faced with nighted churches preach is behat she knows and neath ridicule, except when
wonderful field -- you have to counsel a personrs. ality damaged by their unsane
therapeutic meth- foolosophy. What the enlightavefound is to ened churches say is an odd
all its forms, mixture. Part is fairly good
erwise, even us psychology and anthropology. A
little is surprisingly accurn doing a turn ate psionic theory. Part is
hism. We conquer confusing rationalization to
hen we bring back try harmonizing the primitive
ades of Caesar. concepts of Christian Theology
Ron got a lot of with modern civilization. Sin
so, "Lectures on is presented as a dilemma. If
sophy " by Manly sinful, one should feel guilty
an see why Hall in order to be forgiven; if
has the 'how' one doesn't feel guilty, this
the 'whys' is sinful, so one should feel
n a man has ex- guilt over not feeling guilt.
his ideas can he One solution is to ignore the
xt plane, but he whole thing and do the best
t crossing this one can. As for making things
n consciousness occur (creative processing,
scious, unless he psionics, magic), this is done,
to hold his hand, but not for aberrated reasons
Buddhists, and, or to aberrated ends -- because
ept Buddha or the an aberrated person is simply
ter will depend incapable of determining
tion and my con- events. Or consider: is it
am comes from the better to defend and retalEast when one is late, or to motivate your opan, or China? The ponents not to attack you in
yans. Or us? the first place? Is it better
ods must laugh as to take what another has and
h other's tails, wants, or to motivate the other
watch our airmen to desire you to have it? Is
troy their own it better to heal, or to obamused the other viate illness? So far as I
terview with the know, there are not and havebeen farthest out n't been miracles. There are
n asked what had only very improbable events. A
m the most. He miracle could only occur by
again on earth'. introducing a new degree of
d in other words, freedom in the situation. And
goodness, here this would probably disorganize the entire universe. And
he one from Zen that sort of thing is ferold-be master who ciously frowned upon by entiting in samadhi, ties carrying slot more weight
or a long time, around the Plenum than I do...
o the master and 'Warning -- the Bents seem to
e nothing in my have encountered a different
rid of it,' was civilization from the one I
least these old thought Atlantis was. The one
ot concern them- I recorded (facsimiles, whole
the fallen ones, track, etc.) and experienced
on." -- Alberta B . quite sharply was a provincial
nville, S. Car. capital of an enormously complex Galactic civilization.
almer -- I believe This culture was an Empire,
on. There seems totalitarian, and rather nasty
er to the ques- in some respects, bossed by a
here on earth -- race of squatly-built dwarfs,
is too short a thoroughly humanoid if somee to perfection, what apish-looking. They posacquire such a sessed interstellar space. the spirit travel, featuring indestructi, why didn't we ble space-craft. I was a cour, live on earth ier who delivered messages,
n die in a state since, of course, it's faster
n, would be to to deliver interstellar meswhere we were in sages than radiate them. That
, and it would city wasn't any piddling 1,d gave up 'very 000,000 population (the popuwhy be born at lation of Houston, Texas).
., Chicago, Ill. Coming in over the coastline