Volume 4, Issue 3, page 3

Fantastic Tale of Cops and Rob
lc Cute Cat'tc
THE REAL story of the tale Drosneof sc-Laopszenby
Clinic is a fantastic and
robbers. The "cops" are the entrenched
medical associations, the Governmental
agencies which they control, Damon Runyan's Walter Winchell and intriguing newsgaper reporters. They are going all-out to
get the goods on" the "robbers', the personnel of the clinic, who are robbing the
medical profession and the Damon Runyan
Fund of their inherent right to cancer

Week after week, on a national hook-up,
Walter Winchell let go such blasts of vituperative, vindictive insults against Drosnes and Lazenby as only a frustrated collector of millions of do-nothing dollars
for the Damon Runyan Cancer Fund could muster up. This was because those in charge of
the clinic balked at giving away their secrets, on his terms.

Yes, Drosnes and Lazenby have been arrested, and subsequently released. Shenanigans by news reporters, posing as cancer
victims, accused them of practicing medicine without a license. For some time,
Drosnes was forced to carry a gun for his
bodily protection. Mrs. Lazenby had to install an unlisted telephone in her home because of middle-of-the-night calls, threatening to blow up the clinic. They wouldn't
let her sleep. She was unnerved.

Who did it? Who knows? We do know that
the clinic's attending doctor, Joseph W.Wilson, was kicked out of the Allegheny County Medical Association because of his connections with the clinic.

Briefly, Lillian Lazenby, a dietician in
a Pittsburgh hospital, discovered a strain
of cells by making a secret mold from a
fermentation of whole wheat, yeast, salt,
and distilled water. To me, it's a natural
whole food, like sauerkraut juice, only
different. This acts as a catalyst, and enzyme, possibly like John Brown's immortal
B-Cell. The only reaction experienced is a
tightening, or feeling of pulling -- an integrating effect. This is opposite to the
terrific division of a cancer cell gone mad

After watching the mold dissolve cancer
tissue, and curing animals with cancer, she
tried it in the diet of a patient dying of
cancer. The patient recovered. And so, one
after another, they have been recovering
for eight years.

They use only the substrate, or the
drippings from the mold