Volume 4, Issue 3, page 6

a syllogism and still be absolutely wrong.
For instance, "All marines are soldiers,
and some soldiers are corporals; therefore,
all marines are corporals". You can use
this logic and reasoning to be right and
you can use it to be wrong. And man has
been doing this industriously ever since,
by authorities with an official formula of
logic and reason.

At that point of fixed thinkingness into
symbols, into set forms, man ceased to do
creative thinking, practically. You, as a
unit of Totality, as a spirit -- and you were
there, believe me; all the spirits on this
planet knew each other and have been around
many, many lifetimes, and we were all back
there, playing the game at that time, and
before, of course. But at that time, we, as
a unit of Totality, started to shut down
our awareness on real creative ability, and
started using other people's thinkingness -- formally and officially set up by the outstanding authority at that time, who has
been recognized as the outstanding authority ever since, except by a few individuals.

Francis Baconz some hundreds of years
later, was the first man to get up and officially say that Aristotle was just so
many words and it was all hogwash and you
could prove anything -- starting a trend of
thought otherwise.

But Bacon died. He took off and left the
body. His secretary, a chap named Hobbs,
took Bacon's papers and proved conclusively,
beyond a shadow of doubt, that all science
had to be based on the body and its relative activities.

In other words, first we separated our
thinkingness from our real point of awareness, the real you, Totality. This we separated by saying, "We're separate from God.
We're. not God; don't have anything to do
with it, since thinking beings, or sensible
beings, are separate from it." We then were
fixed in set patterns of thinking. The
spirit does the thinking. The part of you
that is the spirit is the only thing that
is really capable of thinking. The body
doesn't think, it just reacts.

Then, a few years back, we have this
other authority saying, "The body is the
basis of all science", and this has been
taught ever since. All science, psychology,
and teachings in the scientific field have
been in relation to studying the body. This
was a further withdrawal from the real part
of you that is capable of creative thinking.

Almost any scientist will tell you that
you think with the brain, that the synapses
of the brain, little electronic units, discharge -- and they can give you the most
beautiful explanation you ever heard of how
the currents are generated, and how thoughts
are generated and everything is stored in
the brain.

This is not true. The brain is an electronic device which is the opposing terminal
of the liver in the body. The brain is one
terminal and the liver the other -- part of a
very elaborate electronic device which
keeps the chemical balance of your body in
very good shape and allows you to think as
a spiritual being.

So, what happens? We reach a state of
almost complete withdrawal from any spiritual activity and a complete identification
TL. A l
officially with the body. And where do we
go from here? Outside of being a rock and
going down-scale and being less than a body
as a spiritual being -- which is possible,
apparently, since a psychic can go out and
observe the mountains and be aware that
there are spirits living there that used to
be bodies