Volume 4, Issue 3, page 8

with the idea that anything came to an end,
or reached a limit, or anywhere in eternity
stood still. Nothing stands still. There is
no static. So when man is actually "still",
he is still, not in his body, not even in
his heart, but in his spirit. His spirit is
one with the lather's spirit, the only
Static because it extends from eternity to
eternity and everywhere in space and space
beyond space beyond space. Man-spirit, part
of God-the-Father-Spirit, is the moveless
center of his own world, his own universe;
it is into this moveless center that man
retires when he would be still and know.
That center is moveless in the midst of
man's greatest, most feverish activities of
every life, love, business, success, failure, and may turn aside from all these
things, even while activating them, and
find brief repose within the moveless center. This moveless center is the "chamber"
into which Jesus bade man go alone to pray.
Prayer, in the center., need not be in words;
it needs to be an opening of the jewel of
truth, a deliberate opening by the individual. None other, even the Father Himself,
will open this Truth Center to free-will
man. Apostles, disciples, evangelists,
preachers, priests, ministers may exhort,
beseech, pray for, but must forever fall
short of forcibly opening because the spirit of man, its place in man, is without exception inviolate, even as the Father Himself is inviolate, above, far from, beyond
all else