Volume 4, Issue 3, page 4

0 FAR DR. HUBBARD Having your work, and the
work of your followers for some time, :I
have been wanting to ask you two specific questions.
We have so much in common that before
asking my questions I would like to establish our agreement. Your definition of the
Life Static is what I too say: "No mass, no
motion, no wave-length, no location in time
or in space". ', too, say that the Spirit
(Thetan as you call it) is eternal and limitless, and I too say that matter is nothing but the product of postulations and
considerations (mortal mind).

Of course, in this day it is easier to
understand the nothingness. of matter since
physicists themselves have reached the
stage of studying unseen rticles, leaving
unseen traces of a substann6e haying unlimited power. It is my hope that the physicists will soon learn how to harness this
power and draw on it, rather than to continue to bombard it with unpredictable effects. From physics to metaphysics, isn't
it? From the unreal to Isreal.

Your theory of the power of' mockups
(pictures) is excellent, tho we use them
differently. I instruct my followers to refrain from mocking up any condition that
they do not want to continue duplicating