Volume 10, Issue 8, page 19

to permit blood transfusions
or even injections, but he
consented to injections to relieve pain near the end. I was
able to help relieve pain by
the laying on of hands. This
led to an amazing experience.
I was at the bedside holding
the man 's hand and noticed he
was breathing in rhythm with
my breathing. That went on for
a long time while the man
breathed deeply and loudly until I removed my hand and the
breathing stopped instantly
and it looked as if the man
was dead, but when I took his
hand again he began to breathe
again. Then I put my other
hand on his head and held it
there to keep the body breathing until a member of the family arrived. When I took the
hand off his head he stopped
breathing, so I held the position with one hand on his head
and the other holding his hand
while an attempt was made to
get a blood pressure test.
Alone again with the man, he
stopped breathing so I took my
hands off his head and pushed
down on his chest a few times
and started up the breathing
again, but the breathing becane slower and slower and finally it was decided that he
was dead.
"I attended the funeral and
at the cemetery a man standing
next to me had a heart attack,
so I held his hand and his
head until he got his color
back, and then left to start
the return trip via a stop at
Aiken, S.C., and Lakemont, Ga.
"A Spiritual Healing attempt at Aiken did not produce
any spectacular results...
"At CSA, there Was a guest
who limped because of sciatic
nerve pain ... Ed O'Neal's wife
sat at the foot of the bed as
- an observer. The healing session lasted about 2S hours...