A Good Auditor Is Very Hard To Find

Have a Goal, Be Deliberate, Enjoy Yourself, and Don't Fire Your Auditor, Even If He's Late, Stupid, or Unkind. For...


By Ted Otteson

PRESUMABLY you have a reason for being a preclear. I mean, a reason of your own -- a reason why you want processing. If you have no reason for being processed, stop being a preclear, or make up a reason. You might decide to be curious, for example, or you might decide to want to become an Operating Thetan. If your father thinks you are a problem and is forcing you to see an auditor, you may want to become a bigger problem for him -- anything, but do have a reason of your own.

Whatever it is, this reason for being a preclear is very important to you. It is called a GOAL. Keep this goal in mind. Never let anything get between YOU and YOUR GOAL for YOUR processing. Do not let the fee you are paying (or not paying) obscure your goal -- nor the books you are reading, nor the pains in your head and back, nor Ron Hubbard, nor your worries, nor your panic. Most important, do not let your auditor get between you and your goal for your processing. If he is late, or stupid, or unkind, or tells other people about your case, help him through the temporary difficulty in your relationship -- or get another auditor. But remember, a good auditor is hard to find. Do not give up the one you have until you have tried everything in your power to get him to help you reach your goal. However, if you are paying an auditor more than $25 an hour, and, despite all your efforts to get along with him he continues to be an obstacle to your progress, fire him.

DO NOT LET YOUR AUDITOR GET OUT OF COMMUNICATION WITH YOU. If you discover that your auditor is not talking to you, do something to attract his attention. Do it kindly and gently -- don't startle him. Do something amusing. If you can make your auditor laugh occasionally, you will rarely have any trouble with him. And if you want to get the best out of your auditor, don't make him angry with you. If you can avoid it, do not say bluntly, "You're not in communication with me." He may disagree with you and maintain that he is. Then you really are in difficulty. Of course, if you want to say something uncomplimentary to your auditor, by all means say it. The damage is not irreparable, and he may not get angry, anyway.

If your auditor disagrees with you, or becomes angry with you, I recommend the following: Take a short walk out of the room, and douse your face and wrists with cold water (preferably as cold as you can stand). This will refresh you and bring you to present time so that you can think of a good joke. When you have one, return to the auditing room and tell it. This will start you both laughing, you will be on friendly terms, and the two of you will be able to straighten out the difficulty which had arisen earlier. This effort on your part will also make your auditor realize that you are doing your best to cooperate, and he will work harder. If, when you return from your walk you find the auditor gone, follow the same procedure the first time you meet him again.

There may be times when you feel that the auditor is getting out of touch with reality. When this happens, remember that you do not want to antagonize him -- you do not want to become an OBSTACLE. Before you flatly refuse to go along with him on his flights of fancy, try to do what he suggests. If he thinks you can do something, you need not agree with him, but you can at least try to do it. That will satisfy him and you will get along well together. Use your imagination! You should develop your creative ability anyway. You will find it extremely useful as you continue with your processing.