Volume 4, Issue 1, page 13

the very thing the Dynamo is
teaching. But so often it is the
case in organized religions that
they have allowed emphasis on the
letter rather than the spirit,
and rivalry over each one's exclusive right to disseminate
truth, to stir up a holocaust
which has beclouded and lost the
truth they originally set out to
teach " -- Paul O'Neill, Marrero, La,

"As you move away from the old
habit of sticking pins into a redheaded doll... The Aberree gets
better and better. %hat Paul O'Neill says about love in this
month's article rings alarm bells
all over the place...
"Alphia, I resent the editorial slant you placed on the passing of Project Nucleus. Of course.
I realize it was largely my fault
that such a slant became possible. Project Nucleus, like everything else we do in the Synergetic community, was an experiment.

We derived knowledge from it.
From this point of view it was
not a failure. If a chemist performs an experiment in a test
tube he will inevitably discover
new knowledge. Once he has discovered the knowledge inherent in
the experiment, he would be foolish to nurture the contents of
the tube longer. The old contents
should be cleaned out to make
room for a new experiment and
thus movement (is) ever forward
toward an expanding understanding
of TRUTH. So you see, although
Project Nucleus is DOOMED, it is
not such a dire thing as it may
sound." -- Dbn Purcell, Wichita.
"We have the book mentioned in
The Aberree, 'Auto-conditioning',
and I think I can see results for
myself. Since progress is an individual thing I can speak only
for myself. Maybe someone will
come up with the universal formula for everyone. It had better
be found soon. The world situation isn't encouraging at present." -- Helen Petersen, Phoenix,
Ariz. (ED. NOTE -- Wouldn't a "universal formula for everyone" be
about as devastating as a universal solvent? What would all these
ISIBDTAs (I Stole It But Don't
Tell Anybody) do if some of their
victims began getting results?)
"Thanks to Alice for truncating the pyramid on the March
cover design. (NOTE from Pub. -- I
didn't do it.) There seems to be
a slight error in the caption, in
the word 'mansigns'. Should it
not be, 'In my Father's house
there are many man-shuns'? Let's
not get twisted.
"Ralph Swanson mentions the
'No-significance' of Scientology.
I guess that's the same as thinking nothing of it.
"Joshua Carmichael did a
splendid job of comparing the
commands, 'Do what is necessary
to turn the picture white'. and
'Do what is necessary to make the
picture more solid'. It hadn't
occurred to me that they are one
and the same technique. Yes, white
is the focal point, which is the
nucleus, which is heavy. I should
have known that white is weight --
a light-heavy weight.
"Weight is white, is the zero
point, where there is 'no-significance'; that is, no signs of
plus and minus.
"Black is decentration. White
is concentration. Black and white
are consequences of each other.
No amount of analytical effort
can unbalance the whiteness of
the blackness or the blackness of
the white.
"Integration is the collapse
of outer darkness. Disintegration
is the explosion of inner light.
To turn the black picture white
or to make it more solid, is to
just invite another explosion.
and, another cycle, Carmichael.
"Anent John 'B' Cell Catalyst
Brown, I can report that last
spring I used a little of the 'B'
Cell water on a few trees. They
did quite well over the summer.
Also, I have been drinking the
immortal water for about a month
and I feel some improvement in my
well-being. The catalyst, as a
healing agent, should be desirable, because no part of it enters
into chemical combination with
the elements in the body, but effects the alchemical marriage of
the pluses and the minuses in it.
"Generally we know how the
chemical catalyst functions. We
know something of organic catalysts such as enzymes. We should
know the human catalyst as the
eArist presence and the mental
catalyst as the silence of 'giving no thought'.
"It has been predicted that
the greatest future discoveries
in healing will be the catalysts."
-- Phil. Friedman, Florence, Ariz.

"Everything is wonderful. Everything is getting better all
the time. Scientology is better,
Dianetics is better, Human Engineering is better, The ABERRE2 is
better, even the movies and television are better.
'Best of all, in my opinion,
is the work being done by Art
Coulter and his immediate associates in Synergetics. It is hard
work, but productive and rewarding work. It will be my privilege
to co-edit, with Art, a new magazine or journal which introduces
a new method of communication. It
will be made of paper and printed
with ink and from all outside
appearances will be just like
other books or magazines, but in
the reading it will be vastly
different. I hope that all of
those that I have come to know
thru the pages of the Abe rree
will be able to join us in this
new venture.
"Art is gathering all the material and preparing it in the
new form. It will be my job to
get it on paper and mailed out -- a
job I volunteered for and a duty
I hope I can live up to." -- Fred
Hibbard, Ibdge City. %as.
"I'm subscribing to this again
because you believe as I do: that
'God' has some purpose for man
rather than that he considers him
a worm (struggling with sex)." --
Mary Hyde, Alexandria, Va.

"Keep up the work; damned if I
know whether it's good or not." --
Chris Rossee, Wilmington. Del.
"Have read the issue of The
Aberree you were kind enough to
send on approval. Since I am interested in reading all of Paul's
(O'Neill) contributions, I am
herewith enclosing a subscription
for the remainder of the year.
"How about the possibility
that these people are either possessed or inviting the condition
by their activities? I am exceedingly alarmed at this possibility
and wonder why you take such
chances. I have never seen any
lasting good come from such things
as dabbling in esoteric pursuits
and withdrew myself from them
some 7 or 8 years ago. You would
be surprised how difficult this
is to do. as I find the temptation still recurring to draw me
back into this thing, which costs
me much effort to resist. And my
own contact was slight. I have --
Try an
Tape Recorded
c-Slee a e t
" -- tomorrow's Healing
Art today!"

Myrtle Beach, S. Car.
Box 85 Telephone 5942

''In these modern days,of our
high- speed, nerve exhausting
living, chiropractic is fast becoming an indispensable element
in helping people maintain good
health." - - Congressional Record
July 26. 1956
APRiL. 1957