Volume 4, Issue 1, page 2

APRIL, 1957 /Recusant Voice of "The,
vol. IV, No. 1 Infinites" for Earth, Mars,
KURt. —LiE Saturn,'Pluto, Venus, and
i Zydokumzruskehen.

Published monthly, except for the combined January-February and JulyAugust issues, at 207 North Washington, Enid, (Alabama, U. S. A.

Mail Address: Postoffice Box 528, Enid, Okla., U.S.A.

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Editor: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART. D.D., D. Son., F. Sen.,
B. Sen., HDA, RCA, et al ad infinitum ad museum,
publisher: ALICE AGNES HART. I-1, RCA, SEC., WFE.. H.Ker. ETC.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infiniteness of Man is
not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes, or 'experts"
who offer to sell him what he already has.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change our minds from issue to
issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each man has the inherent right to be his own and only

Advertising Rates: $1 a column inch, if you get results; double if you
don't. Payable in advance. Copy must be in office 30 days prior
to date of publication.

Three years old! How fast the volumes
Gather on the shelf of time.

Untold reams of nice, white paper
Smeared with hope, and help, and

Unbound files of printed pages
Streaked with dirt, and ink, and

Up until March of 1954. the
world of philosophy, elegy, ism.
ics, and anity was pretty safe.
It was a serious business. No one
knew better than everybody how
dangerous it was to live without
preparing to die. And then, out
of the ashes of false hopes, highpressure come-on, and self-qualified Messiahs, rose -- not another
buzzard but a phoenix to out-phoenix all phoenixes: The ABERREE!
For our 983.271 readers not
fortunate enough to get the first
few issues, let us reminisce a

We were in Phoenix, taking the
Third Clinical Course, the latest
super - duper teaching offered a
"select few" capable of carrying
on the higher echelons of Scientology. The Maestro (instructor,
ISIBDTA, etc.) had just announced
to his applauding near-graduates
that Scientology was immunizing
itself from prosecution and persecution -- that it was donning the
robes of a religion, and henceforth would operate under the
protection of a Federal Constitution that was set up to guarantee
freedom of worship. But, it was
to be a well-guarded secret -- and
the fact would become known only
when an auditor, going about his
business of making the world safe
for more and better bridges, was
skidded into the clink for robbing the American Medical Association of its monopoly on keeping
their patients safe as a source
for more pretentious homes and
newer and shinier Cadillacs.

Scientologists being persons
who study how to get out of their
heads, some thetan must have
broadcast a few beans during some
unguarded moment, and the secret
leaked. We were deluged with letters asking us if it were true
that Scientology was abandoning
psychotherapy for the cross. Having spent most of our ready funds
as tuition and not being able to
afford a battery of secretaries
to answer the queries being received, we discussed the pros and
cons of the subject for several
seconds. Were we to be a party to
this covert vengeance against the
medicos? Were we to lie to our
friends, and tell them no such
plan existed, so that someone
might garner a few $50,000s in a
surprise suit or two for interfering with a man's right to compete legitimately with soul-savers? This may sound fantastic,
but it was on such a basis that a
great decision was made. We would
publish a magazine! We would call
it (of all things) The ABERREE!
And we would "scoop" the world on
the gigantic metamorphosis of the
basilisk from its Dianetic cocoon.
954-+~~'. ~t,~f
Thee Chvches Gwen
_WHY%. GTwMrsy Ne. Jesey
~.. ..., Two

When the urge to start creating
Knocked upon our trailer door,
There was not a whit of warning
Of what future was in store.

But the bug kept pounding, pounding,
With a knock like mighty Thor.

Since we wanted The ABERREE to
be different from the dozen or so
mimeographed publications available, we decided on a facetious
approach. In fact, we intended
for The ABERREE tobe so dog-goned
facetious that no one would believe anything we said. Including

The first issue was more of a
success than we had planned. Inquiries came in for copies. Subscriptions, at the ridiculous rate
of $1.67 a year with no guarantee
we'd print another issue, stuffed
our mails. It seemed that half of
Scientology still had $1.67 left
after buying books and courses
that they didn't much care whether they got anything for or not.

But we had been serious about
one thing: We didn't care whether
we published again or not. One
was enough. We had other plans
that did not include meeting a
continual deadline, or trying to
be funny (We'd used up all our
humor in the first issue), or facetious, or sarcastic.

No one believed us. The ABERREE was a legitimate, if premature, "something" that we couldn't drown. Not in Aridzonia, anywayTo keep a long story short
(Who wants to? We're trying to
fill a page), we became one of
the 22 graduate "theta clears"
from this super-duper "Get thee
behind me, thetan" class. But we
weren't behind our head. Exteriorization to us was about as
real as claims there's gold buriee in Fort Knox. If it were possible, we'd flunked. If it wasn't
possible, we'd been gypped. And
being of a modest nature, we accepted the invalidation.

Since we still were in the
mood to believe everything (well,
almost everything) our instructor
had told us, we also accepted the
ukase that 'No one who is unable
to exteriorize can audit a preclear successfully". We hadn't
exteriorized. Therefore, rather
than throw more good money after
bad, maybe we'd better hie ourselves to the area of our juvenile
delinquencies, where we could hide
our failure and shame among understanding boyhood friends and

We confess that our resistance
Hung by nothing but a thread,
As the plaudits of our readers
Was like sugar on our bread.

It was easier to publish
Than to be behind our bead.

With Issue 2, we went up to
$1.68, and when even this did not
frighten away success, The ABERREE took a full breath. But it
hasn't been without a gasp now
and then, which many readers will
remember. There was the open attack on us by The (;HOST -- and has
anyone seen a GHOST lately? Also,
there was a threatened suit because we printed Volney Mathison's
advertising, which we still do.
And ex-communication by the CECS,
of which we've heard little since
its abortive attempt to force all
practitioners to sign $25,000
pay-on-demand notes for the .right
to practice.

And thru it all, The ABERREE
hasn't lost a single horn. But we
think it's about time we quit
tooting them for this issue.