Volume 4, Issue 1, page 16

strange I never heard of him until I got to know you folks, but
lately many magazines are carrying ads of Scientology...so apparently it has spread." -- Ruth.
jerks, Presidio .of hionterre),
"I see you are giving space to
the dreadfulness of those perfectly awful people putting that
nasty fluorine in the water so as
to provide a market for the byproduct of those horrid aluminum
"Chiropteric, antedilluvian,
and gneiss-headed*.
"How about exposing the evil
motives of those opposing fluoridation: the people who feel there
is something sinister about not
having cavities and fillings, the
people who have suffered at the
hands of dentists and who cannot
see why their children and their
neighbors' children should be
spared such torment, and last but
not least, the infamous American
Society for the Propagation of
Orthodontistry"" whose untold
wealth*** stands ready to rouse
hysterical mobs, to bribe public
officials, and to assinate (sic)
unwilling or honest officials who
try to introduce fluoridation***"?
"I shall not even mention the
slowly developing plot to enrich
the hospitals and the morticians
at the expense of those who may
fall victim of the typhoid epidemics that will follow in the
wake of the end of chlorine poisoning of our water supplies*****.
*Look it up in the dictionary.
*"The APSO is an infamous that
not even its members have heard
of it.
***Nobody's heard anything of
its wealth, either.
****If you'll read that sentence again, you'll find it really is a question, after all.
*****Chiefly because nobody
has mentioned it to me either." --
Geo.H.Scithers, Albuquerque, N.M.

"I would like to see more on
Cause is the masculine emerging out of zero. Effect is its
feminine wake which simultaneously gathers it back to zero, recausing it.
"Aberrate" means to diverge
from the center. An unaberrated
person is more integrated. An
aberrated one has more to integrate. Only zero is completely
To entrance is to create an
entrance in trance.
"Objects consist of grouped
particles," divided and rarified.
A pilot gets his wings on the
last day of his training, an ant
on the last day of its life -- and
so do we all.
Man is ignorant of the God he
creates until he de- Gods him,
just as the ciphered things must
be deciphered to be seen.
processing of love, especially
the pain of unreturned love, for
we find that on every corner...
"You have visited Ed (Milligan), I believe, and won his love
and friendship -- you and wife uoth.
"There will come to be a City
of Dawn, and the OPel TSAY will do
it in just what its name implies
-- open the way for the building
of it.
"If it is to be a holy city,
it will be made up of people with
holiness in them united. Holiness
is in consciousness. Your teaching lays foundation for some of
it -- just as we all have parts in
some of it.
"Policy of OPEN dAY is to
bring people together. 0, sure,
we give each other the devil rubbing rough edges, but that painful rubbing is but a lesson to
learn to dwell smoothly. If you
will not, bound organizations
try to keep people apart, true of
the churches. They say if you
don't join mine, the old order
said you go to hell, ourn forever, and we frightened, enslaved
children rush into the fold.
"Organizations that claim to
be mystic tell us that we are not
to meet others in that organization until we are of certain
grade. de are not going to make
the grade in isolation completely, neither can we make it with
too much mixture. 4e have to
strike a happy medium...
"The human average now feels
incomplete, storm-tossed, painladen, unloved, rejected, unwanted. This is not a true state of
being." -- Lovie %ebb Gasteiner,
Celina, Tenn.

Volney G. Mathison
Inventor of the patented Mathison
Electropsychometer, the first and only
"X-Ray of the Human Psyche".

Written on the basis of data obtained in the examination and
processing of hundreds of nervous, distressed, anxious people.
"From cover to cover, every one of these books is unique,
readable, and immediately USABLE."

CREATIVE IMAGE THERAPY. A psychical (mental) aid in
the treatment and cure of disease in the physical body. Equally
potent in the aid of the swift relief of nervous tension.
anxiety, or any sense of a lack of serenity and wellbeingness.
"A burst of sunshine through the clouds of confusion!" writes
Dr. Paul Beaver, a medical doctor. 114 pages 8% x 11 . . . $2.

An inspiring, scientific revelation that miracles, both of
physical healing and of mental, psychical or spiritual achievement can be accomplished by ANYCNE of any faith. ANYWHERE. It
contains preliminary instructions on HOW TO B'rTIN.
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SUPER VISUALIZATION. The techniques of Electropsychometry. Step-by-step instructions on how to locate sources of
stress, fear, and anxiety, and how to eliminate them.
90 pages. 8% x 11 $3.

THE POWER AND GLORY OF SEX. Unmasks the dark,
evil, sinister origin, in the western world, of the disparagement of sex and the physical body. Reveals the beauty and
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SLEEP TAPES. Step-by-step examination and tape-making
procedure. 91 pages 8% x 11 $3.

instructions in regression $1.

flub-dub. Scientific instruction. Tenth printing $1.

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The A B E R R E E APRIL, 1957