Volume 4, Issue 9, page 2

JAN. -FEB., 1958
~' Vol. IV, No. 9 lei
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Editor: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART. I-2, D.D.
B. Scn., HDA, HCA, et al ad infinitum ad naus
Publisher: ALICE AGNES HART. I-1, HCA, SeC., WFE„ H.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously. The infini
not reduced to a "split infinity" by wars, ta
who offer to sell him what he already has.

Sub-Policy -- We reserve the right to change our min
issue, or even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each man has the inherent right to be

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to date of publication.

CAN THE TAIL In these days wastes much o
FLY AS HIGH of myriad pana- and manpower p
AS THE KITE? teas for "What certainly is
ails man", it minimum of int
behooves each and every one of ever, we can'
us to query: "What man is he of the so-call
talking about?" Invariably, we missionaries"
suspect, it will be found that slightest dent
the ills and faults "of Man " der. hate. gre
are the exclusive pet peeves
(and maybe property) of t h e global destruc
one offering specific cures, of its own man
In one of the many publica- Maybe what
tions that come to our desk -- than a "new pa
aimed at bringing(for a price) new to emulat
some form of release, integra- face from our
tion, cure, or just plain aid invalidation.
-- we ran into a' discussion of we are given
Yoga. We offer the following copy -= "Look
quotes: it"; "You you
"The Master gives no rules (or Daddy, or
for this (how to live rightly) doing anything
as he well knows that every the lives of
soul has different character- coin, Edison,
istics... Mere have been many before us as
traditional methods, of right citing Buddha,
living taught, but these fit Rev. John Doe,
only a few. Often the disciple er Heady as
tries to emulate the guru or duct, we shonl the Master in their pattern of some 16th Cent
living, blindly doing as they of his philos
do thru mimicry, without un- ters say -- "To
derstanding. This the Master true; and it
calls the monkey pattern of the night the
behaviour... 7 The Master has not then be fa]
this to say: I 'About right Most of us
living, your destiny is yours good; we bet
alone... The more closely you ly when we ar
live in accordance with your selves, but 1
destiny, the more right is following a "m
your living... i Mimicking behaviour " .
your teachers is the height of
folly. The teacher has his own Ever monde
shadow and needs not another.'" with all its
This advice is in keeping ers, missions
with The ABERREE's contention denizens of the
to date, NO ONE HAS DIS- hasn't suttee
COVERED ANY 'ISM, 'OLOGY, OR even its own
as far as we know, no one ever so all-powerfu
has proved to the satisfaction so few resul
of all concerned that a better that the failu
bridge even is needed. teaching that
This is no indorsement for must be LIKE
smug complacency in the pres- 2,000 years al
ent mode, because a world that trying to be
tu 4 Okla eum ogo
want Voice of .Me selves would like to see themnites" for Earth, Man, 8el ves today?
rn, Pluto, Venus, and But getting back to the socalled called 'panacea$', why do some.
claim they were helped by one
or another of the "techniques"
'ebruary and July- that are seemingly worthless
home. U. s A. to others? So.e say it is a
" U.S.A. matter of"faith", but if this
gle copies, 25¢ is so. then Faith alone would
Postoffice be the ultimate in systems.

D. scn. , P. scn„ For each "miracle" credited
to "faith", most of us know of
Kpr• ETC. hundreds who died, or failed,
teness of Man is holding stubbornly to their
xes, or "experts" faith that they wouldn't. And
as from issue to the bromide, "They had n' t
enough faith", belongs to the
his own and only era that threw suspected witches into the pond to see whethts; double if you er they floated or drowned; if
ice 30 days prior they floated, they were witches and burned at the stake; if
f its resources they drowned, they must have
f reparing for war been innocent, and therefore,
operating with r could be buried in the quesDperating . Hhw tionable sanctuary of t h e
elligencet see where any churchyard .
ed "humanitarian Let us insert here a fichave made the fiona) parable that may bring
in crime, raur- out the point we're laboring
ed. or war in a to make:
fivers in fear of P.John Raffles reads a book
tion from bombs or two -- ~ from them• gets an
ufacture. idea that Hsra cala attain great
heights 47 =misting poles --
we need more telephone poles, flag poles,
nacea " -- someone and even fence
e -- is an about- needs do is st straight at
present code of all times—very straight. And
From the cradle. he tries it. He becomes so
"examples" to stiff-necked he must twist his
how sister does whole body to glance either to
ldn't see Mosie left or riot. He walks so
Johnny, or Mary) stiff-leered _fist he reminds
like that"; and all sho ass ids of mechanical
washington, Lin- soldier wound tightly and set
et al, are held off on a hapissard course down
als. Instead of a bumpy sideman.

Mohammed, Jesus, The unloosens of P. John's
and Mrs. Quack- bearing drams attention, and
paragons of con- in pomp unsolvable mental al, instead -- as chew, he finds people willing
ophipoet hhad on adr one to listen to him (he's a good
thine ownself be talker, too, but this P. John
must follow as hasn't considee+sdl. They trade
day, thou canas with him. and he "It's rich
„ and prosperous. It,s all bese to any man . cause of my pole-technique ",
are basically P. John figures. 8n he copyne otherwise on- rights and patents it. writes
e not our basic a few books about it. and even
ed astray into 'starts teaching it in special
onkey pattern of Poleology schools he sets up
here and there.

Students. trying to emulate
r why religion. P. John Ruffles, find, for the
priests, preach- most part, that their stiffries,. and rabid neckedaess and stiff-legged"amen "amen corner", ness are ridiculous to others,
ted in turning in contradistinction to how P.
followers into John was accepted. Instead of
critical bigots? getting rich, they go broke,
ith in God, are except for those few P. John
1, why are there pays a few paltry dollars to
ts? Could it be teach Poleology.
re comes in the Of course, no one suspects
church members that it was not "Poleology"
someone who died alone that made P. John famous
o, instead of and the "techniques" work for
as they them- tPlrxcr Tnu, Tn a.cr to