Volume 4, Issue 1, page 14

never known of a case that went
very far that ever recovered. The
will is completely subdued by
what appears to be an outside
personality with a will of its
own. For this reason alone, I
would be extremely cautious of any
such experimentation.
"I...was very much entertained
by your cover illustration. However, I am somewhat puzzled as to
what connection it has with the
contents of your magazine. Once
a few years ago, my friends, the
o'Neills, showed me a copy of The
Aberree, and I was highly entertained by the contents. In this
copy you poke fun at no one or
anything, except in a few lines
here and there. You invite terrific controversy and make some
madly illogical statements aimed
obviously at attacking something
of proven goodness... so where
does that leave your reader?
"Either amuse me or anger me.
For boredom there is no excuse.
"Oh, well. I guess in a way you
are trying to do some good in
your own hackneyed way. If there
is anything I can do to help..."
-- Mary McPherson, St. Louis, Mo.

"I am moving my laboratory out
into the State of California. At
last I have found a sponsor who
believes in the discovery. I am
glad to say that I am going to
apply it to the polluted bodies
of water and apply this water to
the agricultural field for the
growth of the new crystalline
nucleo-protein foods for a better
way of life for all of us. Nature
does not gamble; every event in
our lives takes place in time and
space and a great improvement in
the agricultural field will be
noticed very shortly as we go
forward in time. I have many discoveries to bring out to benefit
all of our good people who have
been kept in the dark, as well as
the others thruout the planet.
"I am enclosing my check...to
help the cause, and please put my
name down as a subscriber to your
valuable publication." -- John C.
Brown, Middleboro, Mass.
"Your editorial, as usual, was
-thought-provoking. I wish you'd
be less modest and write more.
Your editorials, and the letters
column, are by far the best parts
of The Aberree.
"The news from ldynergetics
continues to be good. We hope to
hold a Second Synergetic Workshop
in Columbus this sumner. The theme
of this workshop will be 'Positive Synergetics'. A basic aim of
the Workshop will be to learn
more about the phenomenon we call
'Overdrive'. This is a state of
hyperacute perceptions, extraordinarily clear and rapid thinking,
adroit and effortless actions,
"I appreciate the friendly remarks made by Jim Welgos about
Synergetics. For my part I admire
the work he is doing and am glad
to hear of his success and growth.
"We are now experimenting with
Intelligence Multipliers. One of
the discoveries of Synergetics
has been that the intelligence of
a human can be systematically
raised. A multiplier of one type
has been placed in operation; results so far are encouraging.
Others are in the experimental
" 'Project Bossy', an electromechanical machine for speeding up 'work' -- the elimination of
impedances -- is making good progress. This is one of the most
promising research lines going on
now in Synergetics. We may have a
pilot model going in time for the
"Fred Hibbard and I are quite
excited about 'New Horizons', the
successor to Progress Reports.
(We decided on this instead of
'Syngeneer'.) Among other things,
it's an experiment in communication. The first issue will be
ready about May 12." -- Art Coulter. Columbus, Ohio.

"The name 'Sleep Tapes' is being replaced with 'Pre-sleep
Tapes'. This is the consequence
of comments from experienced
specialists, one of whom wrote:
'The only flaw I find in your development is the name Sleep Tape.
The subject being exposed to the
material is NOT asleep -- fortunately, for when a subject is
really asleep, the brain does not
generate alpha-wave suggestion at
any such effective level as that
which you are achieving. Why not
call these 'pre-sleep tapes'?
"This we shall do." -- Volney G.

Mathison, Los Angeles, Calif.
"Thanks for printing the article about John C. Brown's B-Cells.
I spent 2 days with him. Things
seem as he writes and says.
"Almost every day I receive
letters from various states and
even foreign countries of people
reporting excellent results from
using B-Cell water for humans,
animals, birds, plants, etc.
"I do not know enough about
microscopy to tell just what organism he has, altho I have had
such microscopy as a physician. I
wonder how much of it is spiritual healing plus a catalytic
physical force which started natural healing forces into action.
"I mail my paper (HEALTH ADVOCATE) to all who write in your
paper if they come from a small
town. If you printed street addresses in larger cities, I would
mail to them also. (ABERREE readers interested in seeing Dr. Donnelly'a HEALTH ADVOCATE can send
in their name and address -- but we
have reasons of our own for not
printing street addresses of letter writers.)
"I like the people in Dianetics and Scientology that I have
met. I hope you succeed in making
a better world than we older people have." -- Dr. Leo Donnelly,
8203 Woodward Av., Detroit, Mich.
"I've just finished reading
the article by John Brown... My
dad is a water-well driller, as
you may know. Many times I've
heard him say that the water situation is gradually getting worse.
With more and more forests being
obliterated, water is getting

scarce. The lack of watersheds is
throwing off the balance of nature. It is obvious that future
generations will have to depend
on another source for their water
"Mr. Brown's discovery is momentous. I believe many stupendous discoveries will be made in
the following years. It's men
like John Brown, who will get
down to brass tacks and spend
weary years in research, who are
going to make them.
"The men who try to hinder new
discoveries and new ideas will
not triumph. All that is good and
right will come out on top in the
"I am intensely interested in
the B-Cell and hope it will be
publicized enough to make Americans take notice and do something
about it.
"I see the 'Hidden Children'
articles have come to a close. I
have been intrigued by every one
of them. There certainly is a
mystery involved in these children, and I am confident that
some day the key will be found."
-- Nancy Lang, Lone Wolf, Okla.
"I thought you'd like to hear
from a new ABERREE subscriber.
(ED. NOTE -- We like to hear from
them all -- old or new.) When the
January-February copy arrived, I
WANTED -- Free souls, to SEEK,
FIND, and to PARTAKE of the forbidden fruit, attain knowledge,
become as Gods, and live forever,
possibly on this earth in the
physical. Seven issues $1.40,
Single copy, 20