Plowing Up the Field

Plowing Up the Field
¶Ivor Darreg complains in hiE
January "Weakly Newsance" that
the Los Angeles police still have
not solved, nor, apparently, attempted to solve, the unprovoked
beating of himself and his mother
in their home in June, 1956. Maybe had Ivor cited a traffic or
parking violation against the
plug-ugly also, he'd have gotten
more action, since most police of
today are mentally equipped only
for handling this latter type of
"crime"...¶Art Coulter is sending
out a quest onnaire to Synergeticists to get reaction to a second " ynergetics %brkshop" to be
held in late June or early July
in Columbus, Ohio. Theme of the
Workshop would be "Positive Synergetics" -- which, we suppose, is
something like a light white, or
a. fast speeder, or cold ice...
jone of The ABERREE's new readers
says she had "to plow under six
priests" in order to get into
(accepted by) the Church. Which
we think an excellent idea. Now,
if all our readers will enter a
church with the same successful
results, some of this man-incubated sin might get plowed under at
the same time... j All good things
must end, in this ever-changing
world, and so it is with deep regret that we announce the closing
of our London "branch". It seems
that our brother, Clarence, who
has been stationed in England as
a member of Uncle Sam's aerial
might (or is it mite?) soon will
be returning Stateside, and hopes
to take a gander at some of the
European cities before he stuffs
his family into a B-4 bag and
gets his nose pointed toward the
Statue of Liberty. But that doesn't mean we're no longer interested in British book sales and
subscriptions; it just means that
customers must go back to the old
red tape method of making their
¶ORION Magazine for April carries an excellent eulogy on Arthg, Burks, by-lined by L; Ron
R bbard, In it, this writer T
fiction says of his fellow fiction writer: "We could use a large
number of Arturos" (meaning AJB's),
but we think the same goal would
be reached if more persons found
out about the one we have... ¶ And
by the way, if you're reading this
before turning to "Whispers of
the God Within" on Page 3, you're
trading your entree and dessert
APRIL, 1957
for an after-dinner pickle. Burks
writes that both "Whispers of the
God Within" and "Monitors" can be
bought (or soon will be available) in book form from Hill Studio, 1415 Derry St., Harrisburg,
Penn., at $3 each. They're both
on tape, too, if you'd rather listen than read,.,¶Sometimes, there
isn't much percentage in trying
to enjoy illness, when you have a
correspondent who negates and
zeros your most cherished symptoms into nothingness. But just
in case this issue of The ABERREE
should be a few minutes late, we
feel our expectant readers are
entitled to an ,explanation; You
see, it was this way; One Sunday
we were rushing preparation of
our back yard (which looks like
a relief map of the Adirondacks)
for grassing, just as soon as the
weather shows signs of staying
moderate. While we spaded and
raked, the Publisher added to and
stirred her compost heap in a far
corner of the yard, and we swear
it was the sight of that compost
mess, reminding us of the spaminfested navy food we got down in
the South Pacific in 1942-43,
that restimulated some old malaria bugs. Anyhow, like "ole Black
Joe", we laid down our shovel and
the hoe, and took to our bed with
chills and fever for 10 days. And
when we explained to Phil Friedman why we hadn't been so prompt
in answering his letters, this was
our reward: "Malaria is a mal
aria is a male aria. That's my
song. How many females do you
know relative to males that have
lad malaria?... In Malay the home
of MayLay-aria, when the natives
get malaria, they chew on the cinchona bark and they get well. So
the M.D.'s found quinine in cinchona bark, so they attribute the
cure to that one element; they
neglect the whole. Anyone who
gets malaria and is cured, it's
in spite of, not on account of,
the quinine."...
¶ (3iarity Gaines, who has done
a bit of research in Human Engineering, Concept Therapy; Huna,
and Dianetics, now has a hankering to find out something about
Ontology and/or the writings of
one Carl Johnson on the subject.
Since this is one of the ologies
in whose pie we've never had a
finger, we can only suggest that
any reader with information get
in touch with her at 3152 Buckle.
Indianapolis, Ind... ¶. R. Morrison, of St. Petersburg, Fla., in
renewing his subscription, blames
a long list of laws, taxes, and
other of civilization's habiliments for his delay. If we hadn't
received almost identical copies
from five or six other renewers,
we'd have printed the durned
thing because it was clever.
Thank you, H. R... ¶ Robert Gardner, whose work in Dianetics
and E -Therapy goes back to the
days when Dianetics was trying to
build a free bridge for man and
not a toll bridge for those able
to hang on, writes that he has
been transferred from Austin,
Tex., to the Weather Bureau at
Salt Lake City. "I am now weather

After six years as the bulwark
of Scientology on the west coast,
Hardin and Joanna Walsh are announcing that Scientology Council, under which label they have
been operating, is being changed
to the University of Totology.
The University is located at 621
South Oxford, Los Angeles, Calif.
First public presentation was at
an open meeting on 3 March, and
spring classes in Totology were
to start at the University on the
evening of 11 March.
"Tile Totality Concept has proven highly acceptable as a philosophy, religion, and application
method here," Joanna Walsh writes
in announcing the changeover thru
The ABERREE, "We are getting
calls from people consistently,
telling us that now they can tell
us that, in their estimation,
'Scientology was never a religion; that it was a cold philosophy -- admittedly an application of
methods for body and spirit, but
that something was lacking, which
in the Totality Concept they
find'. Are we ever delighted, because this was our own understanding also. We will always be
thankful to Ron for his contribution.
"The Totality Concept is growing an d expanding rapidly in
methodology. Monographs are now
being prepared.
"We have been doing a series
of Sunday services on philosophers who were Totologists. There
have been a few who were looking
and knowing somewhat. We then add
the data we have discovered thru
our processing as well as thru
the processing of our research
group. These have been highly acceptable to our group. They are
on tape. Might prove good reading
material for your 'Infinites'.
Should you care to we could send
you a tape to try; if your readers find it acceptable, you might
run it as a series. So far, we
have done Plato, Aristotle, F.
Bacon, Spinoza (he's a doll Totologist), Voltaire, Kant, Hegel.
We do Schopenhauer this Sunday."
The University of Totology has
been incorporated as a non-profit
organization under California
laws. In addition to the Walshes,
one of its board members and faculty is C. Bernard, described as
"master of oriental philosophy
and Yoga practices, and for many
years a minister and associate
with the late Paramhansa Yoganandi",
bureau field aide for the western
4th of the U. S. which will keep
me on the road about half the
time. As an inspector my job will
be to soothe ruffled feathers as
much as to inspect observational
procedures." (Come on down, Bob,
we get ruffled feathers about the
weather every once in awhile.)