Volume 4, Issue 1, page 7

Chapter III
N DEFINING a previously unrecognized phenomenon, we try to explain it in terms of
our old blindness. This is not too successful communication. The measure of
understanding that is possible to the
individual comes with personal experience.
We can know only those facets we've touched.

Thus it is best to define this experOence as a contact with a higher plane of
consciousness. A more specific definition
at this time might prove later to be in
error. It's best to move on the solid foundation of known fact.

Our Dynamo, whether within, without,
whether he is a light the size of a quarter, or whether he fills the universe, is a
distinct personality with beliefs, attitudes, and motives, with a sense of humor,
and other idiosyncrasies that make up a
definite individuality.

I believe he has no aberrations, and
always tells the truth, unless error on the
side of Love be untruth, which I do not

He seems to be able to produce any information from the past, from a distance,
and to some extent, from the future. A
month before the 1952 elections he told us
(after coaxing -- he does not like to intrude
in mundane affairs) that Ike would carry
40 states, including Illinois, the home
state of his opponent. So, two days after
the election, when he had 39 states in the
bag and Kentucky was still in doubt, we
felt certain Kentucky would go into the
Eisenhower column. Not so.
"What about that 40th state?" I asked.
Dynamo -- Talk about the weather and you
have an equally upsetting subject.

After the first three months of Dynamoing, Clara, to an extent, lost interest in
the adventure, and managed to have her time
taken up with other things so that our psychic work was abbreviated.

I asked the Dynamo secretly to help out
the situation if he could. We got this in
The time is spent to circumvent
The task at hand.

The radio, the picture show,
The elfin band
Delight the eye, reduce the try
To take a stand.

Freeborn the will is active still --
No reprimand.

Diversions fame, a simple game
Of shifting sand.

Take heed by day, to pave the way
For countermand.

The ego fits the fame of wits.
The wedding band
Defies the way the fossils play
At times demand
For buried treasure their full measure
Of the sand.

Repeat the play, the wits delay
Reshapes the hand.

For overflow and undertow
The net is planned.

So ride the wagon, court the dragon --
Sear the land.

The naked truth behind the ruse
The dragon stand:
Abuse deflayed, the spear delayed
By steely rand.

The Elfin Band meant the neighborhood
children, with whom she was spending a lot
of time each day. The "Wedding band defies"
etc.: The marriage obligation was inconsistent with the neglect of what was a great
opportunity for both of us. "Overflow" indicated giving out advice and criticism unnecessarily. Both of us were guilty. The
"undertow" is the Dynamo's term for timeconsuming habits which pull us down to futility. The "wagon" must be the water wagon
and was indicated for me. `Court the dragon" -- win the co-operation of the selfish
self. "Sear the land" -- eliminate the weeds
from the garden of the mind.

We had to find the "dragon stand" in a
book by Jung, several weeks later, before
we got the real significance. This is a
very important negative factor in the individuation or regeneration process. Jung says
all these old myths and legends which picture a dragon at the mouth of a cave guarding it from those who wish to enter to find
gold, are symbolic of a man's resistance to
"rebirth" (not reincarnation). Jung uses
"rebirth" in the same sense as "regeneration" and "individuation".

The thing which Dianeticists and religionists and others have been groping after
is projected from the unconscious mind of
man in a host of legends and fables thru
antiquity. The legend of the birth of the
Divine Child is a symbol of this regeneration.

The dragon is the selfish self which
must be outwitted or killed if one would be
reborn. The dragon's thorny hide (steely
rand) deflects the spear of truth to save
himself from demise. I think most psychotherapists will recognize having run up
against this phenomenon.

The dragon is the "False Temple" that
For four years, Paul and Clara O'Neill have been
in contact with a rhyming entity from what Paul calls
a "higher plane of
consciousness', w h o
first conversed thru
an ouija board. Now,
this- "crutch" has
been done away with,
and Clara is able to
pick up messages di