Volume 4, Issue 1, page 15

was more than delighted. The article, 'A Dynamo that Tutors in
Rhyme', by Paul E. O'Neill I
"It might interest yau to know
my man...and I were in Oklahoma
last year, Elk City, where we saw
our first night rodeo. Grand
state, yours, and the people most
hospitable." -- Helen Shaffer, Yonkers, N. Y.
"Stop twisting my arm, here's
your two bucks. Glad to note the
improvement in stock and printing, altho I'll be most happy
when ALL the type is the same
(typewriter) size. Could it be
that the printing is too close to
the paper? Alice is doing a magnificent job with her COVERS." --
Ted'Josephson, Burbank, Calif.
"Here is my $2 check to continue my subscription. Your sheet
is now, except for an occasional
PAB that still comes drifting in,
my only communication line with
that sort of thing. I wouldn't
want to bore you with the details,
but a few months ago I resigned
my HDA and HCAship -- tho I tried
to put the best possible face on
the matter for a while, my stay
in Washington, instead of increasing my abilities, destroyed
a few of them, and in general
pretty well smashed up my life...
I have become even more embittered, if possible, than you are.
"Which is why I continue to
keep up my subscription to your
ABERREE -- it seems that we now see
APRIL, 1957
eye to eye on the whole sour
deal." - -Curtis Janke, Sheboygan,
"Directly pertaining to the
:article on modern Dianetic auditing (March issue), I have just
received one of the most unusual
letters you might imagine. It is
so much in alignment with the article that I thought if you were
not already in print and formated up (Ed. NOTE -- We were.), you
might share my inclination to add
the letter to the article itself
as a sort of postscript. I'll dub
in pen names to cloak an identity
which you will see would be preferable to the author. -- Joshua
"Dear Josh;
"I just received your letter and I
have some interesting things to say
to you. My wife has been auditing me
pretty consistently on the technique
you taught her and I just found out
that I have been stuck in your upstairs auditing room ever since we
had that session where I hit that
vacuum. Stuck in the middle of the
hurricane. I came up from birth thru
hell to the calm point in the middle
of that incident, but I have not come
out of this side of that hell to
present time. That calm was the pivot
point. The first lock after this on
the chain was my death...a beautiful
thing, hurling off the highway at the
top of Price Canyon, flipping end over
end clear to the river at the bottom.
"I found out the only way you can
handle a future death is by postulate; perhaps all future incidents
can only be handled by postulate. I
postulated the picture hard. (He means
solid.) It would then lighten up and
vanish. But then the same death on
the next time spiral would pop into
view. I would postulate it hard; it
would lighten up and vanish.

This seems to go on forever. It
would seem that the future is unalterable.
"By my own theory, the only way to
handle the future is to change the
past. If you run out the engrams in
your past, then you are not the same
as the one who had not run out the
en grams, and therefore you have a
different future.
"Anyway, this death seems to be in
the very near future, probably before
the ice melts next month.
"The 'phone just now rang and it
was -- (my partner) telling me there
is a service call in from Greenriver.
So, either tomorrow, or the next
night. I will probably make a wild
dash for Greenriver to try and get
there before the location closes. And
being without a gauntlet, I will throw
an old dirty glove into death's teeth
as I screech around the curves in
Price Canyon.
"How interesting can life get? --
(Name withheld).
"I am very interested in pursuing the occult, and delving into the unknown, and so forth. I
shall probably spend my life doing it, but I want to go about it
in a sane, organized manner -- not
as a crackpot jumping off the
deep end, or going hog-wild over
a city of dawn, supposedly. I
don't wanna get so carried away
in something that it ruins my
perspective. I just like to dabble, and at the present I am dabbling seriously. That may last a
while -- a few years maybe -- so long
as it can fan the flame of wanting to know more where that came
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from. I would even like to see a
couple of devas thrown in...
"In some respects I feel driven on to explore and learn, and
on the other I get discouraged
because I am so limited in my
faculties and environment to do
so. I think you hit the nail on
the head when you spoke of waging
the game with the emotions. I understand the emotional levels are
our battlegrounds in this life --
our astral plane, in other words.
If I talk in occult terms, I am
not putting on the dog; I am simply trying to put into my living
the meaning of some of this junk
I have been reading -- some of it
really interesting.
"Like mention of the word
sound with relation to occultism.
This is true because you know the
jet planes or supersonic planes
can break windows and cause destruction by vibration... Sound
and vibration are in a sense one
and the same, so a lot of it, if
you twist it into modern concepts,
actually makes more sense than
one realizes.

Your mentioning that The Aberree will continue political in
your auditorials, etc., actually
ties in with the one-world plan
theme I've been reading about...
I think the one-world government
is worth striving for, but I want
to be darned sure that its pinnacle is represented by the country
of whom I am a member, ha! In
other words, I won't play ball if
I can't be captain! Naw -- just
"As an innocent bystander or
outsider to the field of Scientology, I wish to laud your action in unembracing Hubbard, and
moving into a field of general
interest to your readers. I believe this will... possibly increase your subscribers considerably over a period of time. When
you are limited to just one theme
or subject, unless you're headover-heels in love with the subject, it doesn't always seem attractive to you, altho I do get a
bang out of some of your articles, but generally these have
little to do with Scientology directly. I have sensed the fact
you were out of alignment with
Hubbard's philosophy. It seems
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