Volume 4, Issue 1, page 8

as follows, it will convince you that you
can communicate with your Dynamo:
Resolve to try this for a period of at
least 30 days to insure substantial results.
Upon retiring, compose yourself. Relax
every muscle in the body. Catch yourself
before going to sleep (you are likely to
fall asleep very quickly while practicing
relaxation). Affirm to yourself: "Self of
Myself, tonight point out to me the Sifted
Candor, which metes the blighted chain", or
"Tonight may I be shown the sifted candor
which metes the blighted chain". Repeat
several times, visualizing the goal.

When you awaken, trace your thoughts
back and recapture the dream. You have been
dreaming all right. Don't say you haven't.
What were you thinking about just now? And
before that? And before that? That was a
dream, wasn't it? Now record it in detail
on a piece of paper. Every detail. It is
what you think is untmportant that is important. If you generalize you will overlook details. Copy every fleeting impression.

Later, analyze the dream with reference
to possible character faults. You have to

Do this every night. You will get results.

And also, get out that ouija board and
work with it, too, every day for 30 days.
Ten minutes a day.

Hey, wait a minute! You say you don't
have any faults? The dragon is guarding
your cave, Mr. or Mrs. Aberree. Your husband or wife can't run him off either. This
is a job only you can perform. Chase that
dragon away! Or kill him! Go in and get
that gold!
Dynamo -- The vast estranged their gilded
caverns bought.

In freedom ranged, the needle's eye they

When wisdom's caller, stately scholar,
Scanned the heavens, set the time at

It was on Dec. 30, 1952, three months
after the advent of the Dynamo, that we
received a statement of the seven steps. It
was 8:30 in the evening and the sky had
cleared following a brisk shower. The moon
glistened on the wet leaves as we could see
thru the undraped window. Our room was
dimly lighted only by the many-colored
candles of the Christmas tree which we had
not yet taken down.

I had Deen hounding the Dynamo to give
us .a series of orderly steps for the integration program. Doubtless he was awaiting
the opportune moment, which he understood
far better than we.

Reception was rapid. Clara read the
lines with only momentary hesitation:
Diamonds all around tonight,
Leaves still wet, the moon is bright.
Harvest hope and God in stghtl
Diamond venture all your own,
Beauty on the pages shown.
See the light reflected there!
Pearls of wisdom everywhere.

Garden of the Great Dtvide,
Love and wisdom side by side.
Beauty to the touch o f each.
Solitary fingers reach
For the thorns below the roses.
:,:des the radiance of His glory". We will
ali run across him if we embark on the individuation process. We will probably have
him whitewashed, nostrils deflamed, angelic
wings tacked to his sides, and we will feel
he is indispensable to us. In fact, we tend
to think He is the Self. It will take a
skilled guide like the Dynamo to dissuade
the average student.

He is a formidable antagonist and doubtless the mortalities he is responsible for
are much more numerous than his defeats.

These legends of the Garden, and the Divine Child, and the dragon all illustrate
that the intuitive understanding of rebirth
is as old as man. The Myth of the Night Sea
Voyage also symbolizes rebirth, according
to Jung.

Only once did I try to pin the Dynamo
down on the reincarnation issue. Early in
the game he had given his consent and sanction to our joining a mystical organization
that (we found after joining) taught reincarnation and other mystical ancient doctrines.

But that was not enough. I demanded that
he say in black-and-white whether or not it
was so. His policy always was to speak oracularly on subjects we were not ready to
accept intellectually.

Dec. 12. 1952 -- Paul -- Dynamo, is reincarnation a fact?
Dynamo -- Yes.

Paul -- You wouldn't care to give me any
info about my last incarnation?
Dynamo -- Folderol.

Paul -- I would like to know.

Dynamo -- You are and have been all things.
Paul -- Such an answer would apply to anyone who asked the question?
Dynamo -- Yes.

Paul -- I am all things now. I do not understand that.

Dynamo -- The summing up, the day is here
For you to steer the brain child
Into higher gear.

Paul -- Explanation, Please.

Dynamo -- Time for the c artmentary.

After some more persistent questioning
about reincarnation:
Dynamo -- The shadow of the sepulchre has
never been mistaken.

In wisdom he has fund the door, the
greatest step has taken.

The l tght is on, the shadow gone, the
great illumination
Leaves mystery in infancy, revealing recreation.

I take it to mean that death is a door
which illuminates everyone with the knowledge of reincarnation. However, wisdom
cultivated can bring this illumination before death, and the understanding with it.
This interpretation, however, is based not
alone on the above, but upon previous utterances, also.

The above verse remains somewhat enigmatic. The first line, for instance. Certainly there have been many theories about
death and some of them must have been mistaken. However he may refer to the almost
universal belief held in all lands and among
all peoples that man survives the grave in
some form or another.

You can t really believe a thing until
you have experimental evidence of it.
Therefore, if you will perform experiments
APRIL, 1957