Volume 4, Issue 1, page 9

What Psychometry Is Not By DOROTHY SPENCE LAUER
y 72o Contacts with the DeJ
ONTRARY to popular belief, one of the things
psychometry is NOT is a
medium of communicating
with the dead. Nor is
it a science that will grant
any wish, or merely flatter
those who come to the psychometrist wishing to know what the future
holds for them. Psychometry produces results, but only if you do not let your own
personal desires and wants run it..

Many know of foretellers of the future
who will tell their clients: "The spirit of
Mary So-and-so absolutely guarantees that
you will get your wish", or that they will
have success in oil, or stocks, or other
financial ventures. Eventually, of course,
there is disappointment. What is wrong -- the
spirit being asked? or the person giving
the message?
All wishes can't be granted. I tell many
who come to me that a certain wish will not
be granted, and they reply: "I've been to
every reader in town, and they all say it
will be granted. Why are you different?
"I do not contact the dead;' I tell them.
"I concentrate only upon Divine Intelligence, which knows everything. I am a channel only." I often explain that the death
of Joe Jones, or whomever they may wish to
contact, does not make him a perfect spirit, or give him infinite wisdom. If he lied
in life, he could very easily follow the
same tendency as a spirit -- at least, until
he learns better.

Don't misunderstand me. I feel there are
many wonderful mediums, and in every case
of one giving tested messages, you will
find they admit they are not concentrating
on any one certain person who has gone on,
but on the Divine Power.

In psychometry, you don't have to worry
about forms, faces, and so on.

I often feel that too many times, people
expect the nth degree in forecasting. One
man wrote: "I was surprised you did not
contact my dead grandfather. He was a favorite of mine."
"I'm sure he wouldn't come to me, but to
you, yes," I wrote back.
"You are the first medium (psychometrist)
who ever was truthful to me. I truly was
testing you," he replied. So you see, most
people really want the truth. However, so
many have been misguided that you can't
blame them for being a bit suspicious of
all of us.

On one occasion, a woman who had an analysis from me, said that she had been the
voice of -- (and she named the controls of
some famous trumpet mediums).

I told her that, to me, this was worse
than stealing -- preying upon poor people who
are in grief, such as mothers who have lost
one of their children. Imagine how they
feel when the spirit trollops in with the
voice of a child.
"But it doesn't sound just like Jenny",
the mother complains.
"Oh," the medium explains, "that's because they have trouble with their voices
for awhile."
This woman who had worked for the mediums told me of a time when a woman said to
"the voice": "Oh, I didn't know you had
short hair, Grandma", and the "Grandma" replied, "Oh, we're modern over here, too."
So back she goes, puts on a long, black
wig (the client had spoken of the long
black hair), and returned. "Now," she said,
"do I appear as Grandma?" The person was
convinced. The woman told of going to Mexico with the mediums, and buying huge quantities of fake jewels. Then, to each of the
clients, who pays $5 for the "reading", they
give one of these "jewels" as a "stone from
the other side". I was so disgusted that I
told her to leave my home and never return.
She threatened to have all the spiritualists
against me, but this did not frighten me as
I knew the right spiritualists would do no
such thing.

Psychometry does produce a clear picture
of what you tell, but if you're honest, and
a person asks if there is gold at a certain
location, you tell them "no", if that is
the impression you get.. And you stick to it
no matter if every reader in the world disagrees with you. I feel that one cannot be
successful if they use fraud.

Personally, I am content in knowing that
I have helped others. I charge a small fee,
with no intention of getting rich, but I do
believe that people do not value things
they get for nothing. Some have written and
asked for a reading, saying they had no
money. To these, I give the reading and ask
that they pay me when they can. I know if
they are taking advantage of me, but I merely send them an extra blessing during my
meditation hour. Perhaps they needed it
more than I.

It always amazes me that most "fortune
tellers" and readers are poor. I'm not
wealthy, by any means, tiut I do believe in
demonstrating what I teach.

And another of my pet aversions is the
demanding of huge fees -- even from persons I
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