Masthead | There's Gold In Them There Arizony Hills

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The Non-serious

Published in the Dark

Year -- at 207 No Wass
POLICY -- If you must take it
at all, don't take it so
damn' seriously.

NOTE -- We reserve the . right to
issue to issue, or even from
SubSCr1nt t t~?i Price-42,00
$2.50 -- Which may bo next at .nth.
Advertising Ratesó$l a cel yrd .
results; double that if you don't.


The "Lost
fabulous bonanza
of gold in the hills of Arizona which has been the
object of much. controversy.
and searchóespecially on
the part of these posing as
',theta clears"óhas hem
found.. - And it wasan't - in
out-of-the-way 'fry a 3 r-o3
or hidden under a. la slid
in the ïSuperstition Range,
or squatting innocently
bard'- pulica Lions . atmore than 100 -persons tau `
_fib,- the pest year,.
graduated from.. the. Advance=

n.. - special t;-aini:4, n g into the coffers
the non-profit o1 ga iza t:. m
total of more than q
. : add ti on there

the lesser and refresher
courses, ..~L

small pickings; we_-sre o's.

Phoenix -- e-2- C ; _s thousand sub --
in on
Hubbard Street -- or, as some to P g ]-r.e

Third Street.
While the income from
this mine will no here he
approach the demands of he
Federal budget makers, it

still places the

the Hubbard Association of

onal, in the respectable
of per cop:, Or
sosition o1 never again the

er 'ro f to 38 Percent:thiS to the.' SI would -- the L-} ony- oiler do
or upwards of ki5,OOO,O0O a
3-e 3r . In date, toose eight
or mor.- buildings e HI _
nori cioeratss i 2Phoenix m
DabóPhoenix Phoenix, and

ditors who expect t o openate' with the blessings of
i the NASI. After paying -5 O0
for a basic coarse
DOC for the Advanced C1? iii
ical course, a uat:
:,dent- { he
u. _- e io_r te-s t and as
sur his gear ian angels
not -read The
other en igi