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("Superego - Is It Thetan, Saint, Sinner, and Body Pilot?", continued from page 5)

means that any time one "bogs down" in his efforts, the Superego is probably the culprit. Of course, this has to be checked in each individual instance; I can report that in three instances thus far investigated, this has been so.

It also means that, if progress depends on the release to consciousness of repressed material, work on the Superego is of primary importance. For the Superego is the agency of repression. It would seem, then, that an objective, unbiased look at the Superego is worth considering.

(Reference: "New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis", by Sigmund Freud, M.D., LLD., The Hogarth Press, London, 1949. First published in 1933.)

This is the third of four articles on the teachings of Dr. Freud prepared for The ABERREE by Dr. Coulter. The final article in this series will cover Freud's theory on the why of dreams.


THERE always have been and there are now many competing mindologies. Each is apt to have some oracle claiming that his method presents the only way to live a good life. Which one is to be accepted and "believed in"?

Billions of words have been printed on this subject, offering so many confusing and conflicting answers that one is apt to overlook a simple and obvious solution: One does not have to believe in any special system. Or one may calmly yet alertly LOOK and observe the degree of tangible, living results achieved by the people who subscribe to the various philosophies or religious systems.

Looking carefully in this way, I have, for my part, become aware of one specific brilliant thread of action that is apparent in the achievements of every great figure of present time and of past history; something that all such great figures manifest, irrespective of their formal beliefs. This is the dynamic sustaining of positive mental images until these subnuclear energy forms are developed into tangible creations in the physical universe.

How does one learn to create and sustain positive

mental images until they are materialized into actuality? By action: Only by dynamic action. For example: let us say you feel inadequate, unhappy; you are interminably a student, a patient, a disciple seeking "the way". This is a negative action. It involves mental images in the back of your mind, or both in front and in back, of yourself as an inferior being. Reverse this! How? By creating a mental image of yourself having successfully DONE some one single thing, however small, that aids the welfare of same other human being. Then do it. Reverse the business of always receiving. Give outwardly.

Looking around, one will observe that happy people are busy doing constructive things for others. The workers who build Electro-psychometers, or steam irons, or the like, are sane and wholesome people -- happy, not just because they are well paid but because they know they are producing useful products for other human beings.

So, if one wishes to aid "one's own case", a good way is to create positive mental images in one's mind of doing useful things for other people. One need not begin with great actions. Begin with small items, capable of rapid and sure achievement. Don't go to seed, sitting around trying to digest a messy mass of autocratic instruction. Act positively, and act NOW. If only experimentally, try now, from this moment, to begin radiating outwardly in a positive manner. One can never learn this technique by "knowing" or studying; one can learn it only by ACTION.

One may begin even on one's daily chores. Consciously image them up, not as waiting to be done, but DONE. Then do them. But don't limit yourself to chores. Experiment with imaging up and then doing ONE extra thing that nobody expects of you. But best of all do it for someone you dislike. You can at least enjoy surprising people in this way, and you may even greatly aid your own "case".

(ED. NOTE -- This technique is one of several discussed more fully in Mr. Mathison's Fourth Edition of ELECTROPSYCHOMETRY now being printed at the ABERREE office.)


Several readers of The ABERREE were promised a "surprise" in this issue -- and will they be surprised! So were we -- but durn it! we got so busy printing books, etc., that the surprise just had to take a back seat for a few weeks.