Answer to 'Present Time' Is in 'the Silence' (continued)

Facsimiles, #1 peculiar to itself. What a long chase, then, to eliminate aberrations by present-day methods: "It seems that human thinking runs in grooves. We try to eliminate engrams, or whatever you wish to call them, in order that the mind may function normally. Doctors try to eliminate diseases so that the body may be healthy again. Mental cults try to eliminate sickness so that the patient may recover his health. But is this the right way, regardless of how ancient and honorable the methods may be? "I do not have the time, nor mechanisms available, to do experimental work along this line so am passing an idea on to you to work out if you possibly can do so. "Instead of lifting out the engrams,or whatever, from the reactive mind, why not lift the reactive mind out of ALL engrams at once? No, the idea is not crazy. It is well worth while trying out. If the inactive mind has the power of accepting engrams, it also.has the power, assisted by the computing and self-determinism factors, to eliminate all engrams at once by lifting the mind out of the engrams. "Engrams are simply thought forms energized by continued thought of the. individual plus mass-mind thinking. Lifting the mind free of engrams would disintegrate the latter as all mental support of any kind would thus be withdrawn from them and they would go back into their native nothingness from which they were manufactured in the first place. "Addison O'Neill, D.O., "Daytona Beach, Fla." THE ANSWER IS IN THE SILENCE. Going into the Silence of Yogi Samadhi seems to be the nearest one-shot solution -- the closest approach to present time living -- the native nothingness.

Now here's how. Let's try it.

Let's lie down on our backs, arms at the sides. Now we relax by every conceivable means we have ever learned. We may raise the various members of the body slow and drop them back into place and feel he tension in raising and the relaxation as we slowly give up. We do this with the head and the body, then with each leg and each arm, and then the muscles, tensing them and dropping them lifelessly back.

We scan the entire body, exterior and interior, and relax every fibre, every cell, every nerve, and every organ as we pass them by. Then we scan the skin, the skeletal structure, the hair, the digestive tract, and leave them all relaxed. We then get into communication with the eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, etc. We let go of all hold on the shoulders and the back of the neck and the body as a whole.

It is said that when we give up all, we then experience, basic or basal metabolism. We yawn. The stomach may begin to growl, but it's only the noise of peristaltic action.

Notice that we are using the static dead, the physical, to create the static spirit, which is really X-static -- estatic.

Now every emotion is accompanied by a tenseness of the jaw. So